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A Day in the Life during Quarantine

For us we consider Friday March 13th the first day of officially quarantining and when our daily routines changed. We know states are mostly reopening now but when I read this article written by Stanley Tucci sharing his routine during quarantine, I was so inspired.

Although let’s be honest, I am not as witty and charming as he (like I wish I could say the f word and still sound refined and sophisticated) nor do we live in what I’m imagining the most picturesque English home with a sprawling garden. There are so many highlights in his article, if you haven’t read it I recommend it — I was smiling the entire time and in the end wishing I was one of the kids staying in his home right now.

But this is real life. Some days have been just fine, others, a lot of others, have been disheartening. We’ve taken each day one at a time. And although every day may start off rougher or end on a higher note than others, this is what a typical day has been looking like for us. We’ll be honest, it’s not exciting.


Usually I wake first. Peeking at the clock with one bleary eye open wondering what day it is (who knows), thinking what I need to do today (nothing) and if I should get up already (no). Then I see Joe sleeping soundly next to me and Lloyd stirring on the rug next to our bed. Next thing he’s whining to come in to bed with us for “family snuggles” as we call it, and well, there goes getting up and that’s okay.


Lloyd’s internal alarm clock, aka his stomach, aka his breakfast time, gets us all up. Pre-quarantine we would’ve been up already and feeding him on the dot but now with not much to do he’s letting us all sleep in a little bit. He impatiently paces around as we sluggishly get up, Joe grabbing his collar to take him out to go to the bathroom before feeding him. While Lloyd quickly eats his meal, we get ready for a workout.

Working out at home has never been my favorite. Ironically earlier this year I was telling Joe how working out at home just doesn’t do it for me. I don’t get the same energy as I do at the gym. And well…well, you know what happens. Dare I say though, I’ve actually started to enjoy my home workouts.

Some mornings we’ve gotten up earlier to go for a run, adding in circuits in between like this one shared by Sterling K. Brown. Other mornings I’ve relied on Whitney Simmons (she has an app but I just go to her instagram as she shares great at home workouts on her profile) and/or I have been really enjoying the workout youtube videos by Popsugar Fitness (there are a plethora of options for you but I have mostly done and enjoyed no weight workouts with HIIT, pilates or yoga).

After we get our exercise, we can’t forget about Lloyd. Always Lloyd. Walk #1 happens.


Our breakfast time. Joe usually always makes coffee for us, using our Chemex. If I dare try to start it he shoos me away, sweetly excusing that he wants to make me coffee but I know that’s just his nice way of saying he’s better at it. While we eat breakfast Joe likes to queue up YouTube with all the latest news. We don’t have cable so this is when we catch up on all the late night hosts that share news.



After breaking up the news fest (my eyes usually start to glaze over after 20 minutes) and cleaning up our dishes, this is when we usually talk about what we’re doing for the day, same thing we do everyday…

We check email, do any work, and brainstorm ideas to shoot at home. Our photography work is pretty much cancelled right now so we’ve been trying to create things for ourselves that will hopefully turn into future opportunities. I’ll always have grand ideas of butterflies coming out of my pores and intergalactic stars everywhere…while Joe brings me back down to earth right in time for lunch.



We’ve been doing curbside grocery pickup ever since the quarantine started. Actually we went the first week, getting to the store as soon as it opened but honestly it was stressful worrying about what we were touching, keeping our distance from humans and just getting out as fast as we could. It wasn’t worth it for our mental health. So I’ve been doing a lot more meal planning for the week. I always did before but I am notorious for forgetting one item that “I neeeed” while Joe wonderfully volunteers to go out and get it. Since that is no longer a safe option, I’ve been very diligent in checking my recipes and making sure I have everything I need before ordering groceries. Honestly I thought I would never be the one to have other people grocery shop for me but right now this is the safest option.

Now that it’s getting warmer I’ve been prepping more salads and tacos…mmm tacos, that is our summer food.

Here are some recipes that are on repeat:

Roasted Cauliflower Tacos. Okay let me tell you a little story. Every year during/near Fourth of July we stay at an Airbnb with some friends (you can actually watch a little video we made of it from last year on our Youtube HERE) and we always divvy up meals. This certain group of friends are major meat eaters, I am one against seven so they always give me a hard time. When I told them I was making cauliflower tacos, boy oh boy you should’ve heard all the groans. I’m pretty sure they even started prepping meat as a backup. But ::snap snap:: let me tell you, they ate it up. Trust me, try this recipe it’s yum.

Mushroom Al Pastor Tacos. Poor Joe, he eats meat and hates mushrooms and I make this haha. Actually this isn’t a repeat recipe since I’ve only made it once and we were not mad at it, yes even I-hate-mushrooms-Joe. There’s pineapple and so many layers of flavors in this, I definitely saved it in my recipe book.

Thai Salad with Peanut Tempeh. This one is yum yum yum and I make this on the reg.

– Okay last one because why not, Crispy Miso Chickpea Bowls. This dish is so refreshing and delightful. I have found that being pescatarian, layering flavors and textures is the way to go. I am always making my own sauces and adding toppings, the more flavors the yummier. Bonus, this meal is super easy to add chicken to as well, which I usually do for Joe.



Depending on what’s going on for the day, after lunch we’ll either be setting up our self portrait project and shooting that. Or we’ll do some other work, like giving fresh edits on previous weddings, editing videos or blogging. We’ll also get a Lloyd snuggle sesh in, you know one or ten. And hey, sometimes a nap might suddenly happen and that’s okay too.



Sometimes if Lloyd is extra anxious Joe will take him out for an afternoon walk. Otherwise during this time it starts to get pretty warm in our office room so I might do some food prepping/cooking while Joe has been busy working on our 1989 FJ Landcruiser, the little lady has been giving us some issues lately which I guess is okay since we don’t really have the need to drive anywhere.

While I cook I put my airpods on and lately have been bingeing on audio books. I know, me, miss-I-don’t-believe-in-audio-books. I always listened to podcasts while I cooked, between Dax’s and death shows, but ever since the libraries have been closed I’ve been longing for more books and audiobooks have become my sous chef.

An afternoon snack is always called for and sometimes closer to 5pm Joe will have a working-on-the-car-beer.



Lloyd’s witching hour. We are always well aware during the 4 o’clock hour because Lloyd’s internal alarm starts going off again letting us know his dinner is coming…in an hour. So we distract him with play time, have him run around outside while I garden or have him hang out in the garage while Joe is still tinkering on the car. Or when it’s been really warm out, we’ll turn on the AC inside and Lloyd will sleep away his hunger.



Feed Lloyd. We are never late, Lloyd doesn’t allow it.



And after all that whining and waiting, he finishes his dinner just like that.



Is it weird that we eat dinner this early?

Lloyd’s post meal contentment only lasts so long. During our dinner time is when he likes to remind us that his walk #3 is coming up. WE KNOW!



As soon as we’re done eating we are out the door for our evening walk with Lloyd. Evenings have been nice lately, with a cool breeze blowing. I’ll usually request a little longer route to look at more flowers in people’s yards. April showers really did bring out those May flowers! Spending all day together we don’t have much left to talk about. Usually our evening walks are quieter but then sometimes, somehow, we are still full of conversation. All the while dodging people without masks and runners who seem to never consider the practice of social distancing.



We’ve got choices here people. Choose your own destiny.

a. an evening together with wine or whiskey and chocolate while watching Netflix.
b. an evening of Joe playing video games (sometimes with friends online, NERD) while I do some crafting of macrame or lately I’ve been doing some more embroidery (yes, you can call me a grandma)



Speaking of being a grandma, come 9pm the yawns start happening. If we watched a show together, as soon as it’s done I’ll start my night time skincare routine, brush my teeth and get ready for bed. As soon as I’m done I head to our room with Lloyd following. He’ll join me on the bed as I read while Joe plays more video games.



Usually by 10’ish I turn off my reading light. I’ll wake a little bit later with Joe coming into bed and Lloyd soon getting off because three is a crowd. We say our goodnights and I love yous as we snuggle in together.


It hasn’t been exciting but staying safe and being smart has been of importance to us. We look forward to the day when we can leisurely walk the aisles of Target again, when we can have backyard hangs with our friends, when we can spend quality time with family and when we can officially work again. But for now we are living the simple life and just thankful for fresh air, puppy cuddles and each other.

quarantine life


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