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Wedding February 6, 2020

Never Been to California, This Couple Planned an Intimate Destination Wedding at Ellen Browning Scripps Park

We love small weddings. There we said it. We ourselves had a small wedding and sometimes wish we had planned an even smaller one. There is such a harmony to them. It feels like home. Like mom's cookies and grandpa's hugs. Familiar, warm, and inviting. That's exactly what Kevin+Amanda's wedding felt like.

Behind The Scenes January 22, 2020

Us At Work and Some of the Stories Behind the Scenes

Yep it’s that time of year. When we share our most flattering photos of each other and tell couples they should hire us to be their photographers. Usually we just write funny captions for the photos, because some seriously make us say “what the heck were we doing?!” This time we figured we’d also add a few stories behind them, because there is always a story behind a photo. But honestly, is this is how we really look when we're taking photos?

Wedding November 27, 2019

The Arbor Terrace in The Grand Tradition reminded this couple of Hawaii

They chose to marry at Grand Tradition in Fallbrook at the Arbor Terrace because it reminded them of Hawaii. A place that meant something not only to their relationship but also for themselves individually. The weather even felt warm like Hawaii on this late October wedding but with all the greenery giving shade the day couldn't have been more perfect.

Wedding October 28, 2019

She Wore Green, He Wore Purple in this Penfield Mansion ‘Til Death Do Us Party

They actually got married, just them two, a few years back. Not being wedding people but loving parties, they decided to throw a celebration -- all the fun stuff you love about weddings without the stuff you don't like. Wearing white was out of the question and black suit just wasn't going to cut it. Nothing was traditional and everything was just how they wanted it.



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