Big Bear + smoke bombs

They called us a “breath of fresh air”. And like a little school girl getting a compliment from the cute boy in home room we ran with those words and spun it like it was the greatest thing we could’ve ever been called. And truly, it was.

When our couples get it and understand what we’re putting out there it is like a hot drink slowly warming up your insides, the feeling that things are coming together. That we are on the right path.

This year we’re trying even moreso to put out more of what we want, what we like, what we’re hoping for. Who knows you never know who’s listening on the other side. And lately we’ve been saying a lot of extra prayers of thanks to the big man upstairs.


We took these photos when we were on a family vacation in Big Bear after Christmas (I miss you Christmas). Sometimes it’s good to just take photos with no agenda.

Big Bear + smoke bombssnowflake portraitgirl in snowwalking in a field of tall grassBig Bear + smoke bombsduck in mid air on big bear lakelooking out on big bear lakemountain portraitsnow roadsplaying in the snowpine treepurple smoke bombbreathe in the airnight photoBig BearBig Bearducks on big bear lakebird in the skysnow portraitthrowing snowplaying in the snowlooking out on big bear lakegirl in snowsnow portraitmoody portraitwalking in a field of tall grassBig Bear + smoke bombsBig Bear + smoke bombs