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Wedding 07.23.17

Villa Miani Wedding | Italy Wedding | Destination Wedding

We were surrounded with people that opened their hearts to us. We walked the streets of Rome late at night, ate so much good Italian food, drank, laughed and made so many memories. With people that we just met. In Rome, Italy of all places. This experience was the ultimate testament to who David+Lynell are. Full of heart and so much goodness.

Wedding 07.07.17

Backyard Summer Wedding | Orange County Wedding

Backyard Summer Wedding We met Ellen at a wedding. That she was coordinating. That we were photographing. It was our first year shooting. We were babies. Since then we kept tabs on Ellen here and the...

Wedding 03.07.17

440 Seaton | Industrial Warehouse Wedding | Los Angeles Wedding

There are moments in some weddings when it hits you. That you are doing more than just taking photos. You are part of two people's dreams. Finding the love they weren't sure about and sharing a moment they thought would never happen.

Wedding 02.23.17

Behind The Scenes 2016

Over the years of putting together a behind the scenes post, pretty sure we have gotten more ridiculous. Or we're just finally realizing it. Don't answer that. Never sure if these photos actually sell anyone on hiring us but hey at least you know we have a good time.

Anniversary 12.21.16

Rome Lovers | Italy Anniversary Session

There are some people you meet and instantly you imagine a lifelong friendship with them. Travis+Lauren beats to our heartbeat. And, as creepy as this sounds, we could have photographed them snuggling for hours. They are our kind of people.

Elopement 11.11.16

Big Bear Winter Elopement | Big Bear Wedding

You could almost hear each snowflake as they fell on our shoulders. It was just us. In this magical snow globe. Ignoring the fact that our fingers were turning a pretty shade of purple and reasoning the best way to keep warm was to snuggle.