black + white of arms wrapped around
(film scan from an apparently scratched black and white roll of film. just the way we like it.)

It was a rainy Tuesday in January. We decided to skip our usual Tuesday PiYo evening class because snuggly weather always wins. So we stayed home, made a cozy dinner and watched tv on the sofa. I wish I could remember what we watched, maybe Game of Thrones or House of Cards, something intense that had me get up afterwards, talk about cleaning up and mindlessly check my phone. I stood by our dining table as Joe stayed on the sofa.

Looking back now every detail is still vivid. Like the darkness outside, the sound of wet tires driving by and Joe slowly saying, “Uhhh. Check our email.”


It was an inquiry. For a July wedding.

In Rome, Italy.


Our heads both popped up as we looked at each other and let that sink in. My eyes couldn’t scroll fast enough and my brain was way too slow in registering all the info.

One thing that did function though were the tears that quickly started to flood my vision.

It all sounded too good to be true. An email that wasn’t rushed. She told us about them, adults living out their eternal play date. A Friends reference included. And then the description of their wedding plans. Romantic. Ethereal. Understated. The importance of food for him and photography for her. And the real kicker for us: she’d been following our work for a year.

We had to check and make sure this wasn’t spam.


We gathered back on the sofa as the tears were now flooding our feet. We hadn’t even been hired yet but it was all too good. A dream coming to life.

Dishes were left in the sink as we sat in front of our computer picking up words in the air and trying to put them together in coherent sentences. That was the most nerve racking email we had ever sent.

Within a week we were hired. Two months exactly from the date of her email, we all met in person for coffee that quickly turned into lunch. If there were any doubts before it was gone within those minutes, hours spent together laughing and sharing food.

black+white film of big sur

So if you’re still reading (thanks)…



One week from today. (freaking out)


After all their wedding festivities we’ll be eating our way through Italy for a week and a half.

If by some luck you or anyone you know will be in Italy anytime from July 19-August 4th and are interested in shooting together, hit us up! Seriously serious.


This is such a dream. Please send us good vibes, prayers and happy thoughts.