So did everything go according to our vision? If you saw our previous post you should have realized by now that it was raining on our wedding day. Nay. POURING. And we most definitely did not plan for that.

We had our hand in literally every aspect of our wedding. From designing and creating our paper goods. To making the benches, finding wood logs and cutting them into wood chargers. Hanging the string lights day of, crafting the centerpiece trees, making my crown and veil, the list is long.

We did not, however, have control of the weather. We knew it would be cold. We knew there was a possibility of rain but we never actually thought it would. Turns out they got record rain that day. And we’re kind of proud of that.


This is the song we walked down the aisle to. It’s the best when we’re listening to Christmas playlists and this comes on…like it actually did while writing this post. Every time we listen it takes us back to our day. Play, scroll, and repeat.


We knew a few things about our wedding and one of them was that we were going to work with people we trusted, liked and felt comfortable with.

Our wedding was small. We wanted to make sure everyone that was there we were personally connected with, that was major for us. Besides our photographer, which by the way was the easiest decision we made for our day, other important people we had to decide on were: our officiant, our DJ and my hair/makeup artist.

Photographer: we had been, and still do, ogle her work on the daily. Andria may live in Seattle but that was not going to stop us. we knew we had to have her. her work spoke to us, her outlook on weddings and photos aligned with what we wanted. there was no question we’d book her.

Officiant: this one was also sort of easy after figuring out logistics. we knew whoever married us and would be standing next to us up front, we had to know him and so it was easy for us to decide on Pastor Bob. Joe has known him since high school and we had been going to his church together for years.

DJ: can’t reiterate the fact that we wanted to personally work with good people. and our dj, JP, is a good person through and through. he lifts you up with his positivity and he was definitely someone we wanted on our corner. he’s living in Uganda right now and doing such good things. looking back on the moments we got to dance with him on the dance floor still makes us smile.

Hair/Makeup: my go to gal who cuts my hair and did both my sisters’ weddings wasn’t available to travel for our wedding. this was heart breaking for me because it is so hard to find someone you trust to make you feel purdy. but the serendipitous way I got connected with Vivian makes me firmly believe it was all meant to me. we had a trial and we spent hours together beforehand making sure we were on the same page. day of gurl did me up, my mom and sisters real good and I love her for being there for me. and happier that afterwards we’ve become friends and even been able to work together professionally as well. serendipitous.

Know what you want and make sure the people you work with are on the same page with you.


The Details.

A lot of the stuff we brought in we had done ourselves. Wedding planning itself wasn’t so fun for us (there were definite moments of wanting to elope) but our fondest memories during the planning process were when we went hunting for free wood posted on Craigslist, when Joe and my dad built benches from wood that was saved from my parents’ old kitchen when they renovated, when we went to flea markets looking for our glassware. We wanted to make sure whatever detail we had for our wedding we’d be able to use again afterwards. Like our centerpieces, although we would’ve loved some pretty greens on the table, we decided on making trees that we could use for Christmas decor after. (Fact: I am Christmas obsessed. Any way I could put a little Christmas spirit in our wedding made me so happy.) The glasses we used is now part of our dinnerware, the chargers we save for special occasions, the blankets we use daily, the wood logs we have decorated in our home and one of the benches we use as part of our dining seating. Being able to sprinkle all those wedding details in our everyday life and in our home makes it all that much more special.


Part of the experience we wanted to create was making sure we infused “us” into everything. The night before the wedding we had a casual dinner together with Mexican food (because, believe it or not, Joe is half Mexican) and afterwards we snuggled up together in the barn and watched Elf (our favorite Christmas movie) on a projector. The morning of the wedding my parents cooked up a traditional Filipino breakfast with fried rice and eggs and meat. For our wedding reception we simply went with oven fired pizza. Because everyone loves pizza.

We can tell you right now our favorite moments were when our families and friends gathered together to eat. Everyone talked to everyone and there was laughter and conversation just spinning in the air. When you look out and see those close to your heart enjoying themselves your heart will explode to a million little hearts. It was a good feeeling.


One of the things we looked for in a place was making sure that there were extracurricular activities for everyone to do, like hiking and walking around the cute little town. The rain sort of hindered a lot of those plans but we also know people enjoyed taking the time to enjoy the fresh air and sound of rain.


Suit: Making sure a suit fits properly was number one for Joe. And boy looks good in a suit. He’s on the slimmer side and loose fitting is ill fitting. We made sure his fit just right and we found his at Topman. He went with a dark burgundy suit and we pulled it together a gray vest with a gray polka button down. And his shoes were the same shoes he wore when he proposed. He sure looked handsome.

Dress: So I went a little unconventional on this. I knew I wanted to feel beautiful but I also knew I wasn’t ready to spend bucks on my dress. I love dressing up and doing fancy but my priority was not to break the budget on my dress. That was just a decision I made first thing. My two piece actually took a little tailoring to by my mother. I knew the aesthetic I wanted and randomly I found a Free People dress that fit that. But I only liked the bottom part of it. The top part was pretty but I needed it to more formal. So I had my mom make the dress into a skirt and I found a lace top that fit what more of what I was looking for. It’s not every girl but it fit my style and that is what’s most important.

So funny story for my shoes, I knew I had to get a thicker heel because hello we were in the mountains. And I also knew I wanted glitter. So I bought these leather shoes and glittered the heck out of it. I am such a heels kind of girl and in the end I sadly didn’t even get to wear my heels ha! Guys, it was literally pouring. Instead I wore my purple rain boots which actually is pretty fun because now whenever it rains I’m technically wearing my wedding shoes.

Every decision we made was deliberate. From asking everyone to wear purple and/or gray. To the wine and beer we drank. To the readings during our ceremony. To playing Britney Spears (for me) and JT (for Joe) and no Taylor (again for Joe). Was it perfect? Absolutely not. And we won’t go into anything of that.


One really important thing we want to leave off with though is: from the very beginning Joe and I dreamed of getting married surrounded by trees. That was the one thing we fully envisioned and agreed we would do it regardless of weather. Right before our ceremony there was a moment when we had to decide whether or not we would still get married outside in the rain. And it was that moment when we held onto each other that we remembered what we promised each other. So we told everyone we were still going outside and if they wanted they could join us.

And everyone did.

No rain was going to stop us. We didn’t have a microphone out there and everyone just stood and gathered around us in a circle and was present. And that is exactly what we imagined.

All photos: Andria Lindquist



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