Pasadena Engagement

We actually met Chloe yeeears ago. She was single and tagging along with her cousin (and our gal pal Emilee!) helping out with a shoot. A few months later we see Chloe again at a BBQ. Gushing about a guy she recently met, the relationship still fresh and new. She showed us a photo. A photo of him giving her piggy back ride. It was cute, they were cute and she was so happy.

Fast forward to the beginning of this year, we hear from Chloe. Engaged and marrying the very same guy she was gushing about that one night in summer.

During our session when we were just goofing around and having fun, Brian leaned down to give Chloe a piggy back ride and it was actually then that they mentioned that was one of their first photos together, the one that Chloe had showed us.

Sometimes it baffles us, the people we meet and the stories they share and we remember. You just never know when it’ll all come back full circle.


So apparently Chloe’s dad looks like Steve Martin. Like a spitting image. It’s always been a running joke in the family of her dad being like Steve Martin in the movie Father of the Bride and Chloe always wanted to have photos taken in front of the “Father of the Bride house”. So we started the session there. And yeah coincidentally Chloe found her Brian…

Can’t wait for their wedding next year and to (un)officially meet Steve Martin.

father of the bride house father of the bride house father of the bride house father of the bride house father of the bride house father of the bride house


Awwww love you guys! Everything totally did come full circle!!