Salvation Mountain

During the Fourth of July weekend we stayed on a float in a pool while in Palm Springs. Not literally but you know when in Palm Springs, you pool. Unless of course you’re like us you also bike in 100+ degree weather.

Before that though we took advantage of the time and wrangled two of our friends to carpool with us and drive to the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE and visit Salvation Mountain. This place is located somewhere beyond the Salton Sea but has been on our list to visit for quite some time now. Honestly we are pretty accustomed to driving in shady areas and neighborhoods, but driving up to this place you’re almost ready to turn around because you just can’t imagine anything like this would be up ahead. Plus there’s a strange lady walking around in her bathing suit on the side of the road picking up trash.

Then like a mirage come true the mountain suddenly shows face.


The story of the artist is pretty remarkable. The place itself is indescribable.

We were the only ones there when we visited. Which was probably because it was blazing hot. Sweat was dripping from our foreheads down to our toes. We’d love to spend a bit more time next visit and take in all the nooks and crannies.

That photo above is one perk of road tripping with friends. I mean, we didn’t have to set up a tripod and/or run to our spot after setting a timer. What a concept. Thanks Emilee for getting trigger happy.

Another perk of adventuring with friends? Making stops along the road and having them take photos.


// Adventuring always turns up great memories and even better photos. We love this and we love the idea of doing more of it with our couples. If you’re up for this too, email us for a good time. Huh huh.