We need a refresh.
We need to get our creative juices going.

We have a long list of what we want to shoot and we are looking for couples to photograph*.
*and when we say “we are looking for couples to photograph” we are not saying “pay us to photograph you”. we are literally just looking for couples who are willing to adventure with us and want their photos taken. that is it.


you get photos and our creative energy is replenished. win win.


If you are a couple who is:

funky fresh
in love
wants photos

…email us.

ideas ideas, so you know what you’d be getting yourself into.
we’re looking to wander, run around, shoot where and what we haven’t.
be inspired.

(and if you have an idea please share too, this is to get our minds spinning so let’s spin): camping / in your home / Joshua Tree / the desert / a cool airbnb / wandering somewhere crazy cool / Las Vegas, Nevada (surrounding area, we’ve got two different spots on our list) / if you own a trailer, vw van, landcruiser let’s be friends / just added, any good swimmers?


So you guys get it? If you are a couple (married, dating, engaged, doesn’t matter, just be in love), email us jk@joekathrina.com
tell us a bit about yourself and please include a photo of you two and or your instagram profile so we can put a face to a name
also be aware that we may become friends after this




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