Spending a Day in Boston

A couple weeks after being in Washington D.C. for like a day, we went to Boston for like a day. Another red eye flight, another whirlwind day of playing tourist for 8 hours and then work. Despite what it seems, red eyes are not our favorite — like seriously what’s with flight attendants taking over the last row and just hanging out, talking really loud during the entire flight and not letting us sleep?! Ugh. But sometimes sleeping (or at least trying to) for a few hours and then arriving to your destination at the crack of dawn works best with your schedule. Not going to lie I had to ramp myself up for these trips.

But then once you arrive in a new place, you’re instantly psyched. Boston is another city we’ve never been to and we definitely enjoyed it along the likes of Chicago. Public transportation and being able to walk everywhere is always major for us especially whenever we’re visiting a new place. Bonus when taking the subway we were able to switch off and take power naps in between stops, score!

Before getting to Boston I made a quick search of places to go see and made a list, hoping we could get to at least half. But to our delight we were able to hit all the spots!

*note: we’re trying something different with our personal travel posts and adding text in between the photos so make sure to keep scrolling and reading. also there’s a video at the very end of this!

south end boston appleton bakery + cafe south end boston building at south end boston

We stayed in the South End area of Boston, which we thought was a super cute area — just walking to and from our Airbnb we walked past so many cute stores and eateries. Recommended: Jugos. Juices were yum and their avocado toast was the size of my head, delish! Not to mention the design and style inside was way cool.

We made it to Harvard, making us feel uber smart just walking through the campus. We hit Fenway Park and then made our way towards North End to the Public Market. The Boston Public Market is an indoor, way smaller version of Seattle’s (if you’re a local to Orange County, it reminded us a bit more of Anaheim Packing District) and has plenty of eateries inside which all looked so good but we had our fat kid hearts set on pizza.

john harvard harvard university library harvard law school sign fenway park teammates statue at fenway park

Enter: Little Italy. Literally we thought we walked from Boston right into the heart of Italy and just wanted to start saying Ciao! Ciao! again. This area was so so cute. Word to the wise though: bring cash! Majority of the eateries here was cash only which, ohhh didn’t go so well when one of us was craving gelato, because Italy! (see video for evidence). Initially we wanted to eat at Dino’s which we read was a must stop for pizza but they were cash only. Thankfully Rina’s Pizzeria came to the rescue and it was the perfect substitute. It’s small inside but their slices are huu-uge and the guys were super friendly. Afterwards we really wanted to try Mike’s Pastry after reading so many mouth watering things about it but again with that “cash only” man. So we stopped at Thinking Cup for some coffee and a sweet bite.

Aaand we ended our tour at The Boston Public Library which…there are no words. Personally, I Kathrina, love libraries. I hung out in one for hours in a day when I was a wee one so put me in a room with books and I’m already in awe. But this library was majestic. If we lived in Boston I would be here everyday.

north end boston fire station north end boston rina's pizzeria north end boston north end boston thinking cup hanover boston boston subway station entrance to mckim building boston library books at bates hall boston library boston library bates hall walking toward sargent gallery in boston library water feature fountain at boston library boston library courtyard

Don’t forget to watch the video! Don’t we look smarter? Or maybe just sleep deprived.