Sunday Edition

When Joe and I first started our little photography business, blogging was a huge part in our growth. Not just sharing photos from sessions and weddings but also posting a lot of personal posts with so many thoughts and words typed out (if you weren’t here since the beginning this might come as shocking to you). We were a lot more inhibited. Along the way though we slowly stopped. It wasn’t for one main reason, it was never actually planned out to stop sharing the personal, it just happened. Our voices got lost, we got embarrassed, we didn’t feel good enough, it just wasn’t fun anymore. So many reasons.

To this day I love blogs, I love getting lost in well designed and branded websites. Ask Joe, sometimes I’m on the computer looking at a website, clicking through every page, scrolling through countless posts, and constantly saying “ugh, so good” “I love this website” “look at this…” I have friends that think blogs are dead, that say they can’t even remember the last time they looked through an entire blog post, that think they’re a waste of time. But man oh man oh man, how I love them. Honestly I would love to create a site where people would come to on the reg.

I was recently looking through one of my new-to-me, now go-to cooking sites, gathering recipes for the week and I noticed she had this series she does every Sunday with her nine favorite things. As I read it, I continued onto the comments sections where people gushed about how much they loved coming to her site and reading these posts every Sunday and you know, my heart just filled with butter. I loved how much people seemed to really enjoy it and I thought how much I missed doing something like that, just for fun, just for me. Which brings us to today. Sunday. (Although to be perfectly honest, with everything going on, who knows what day it actually is.)

Listen I know these days people’s attention spans are a second long and scrolling, let alone ::gasp:: READING, is asking a lot; but c’mon not much is going on right now, hello COVID-19! and I figured what better time to start something like this than now.

poppy super bloom

Say hello to the first Sunday Edition!

A series where I’ll share things from the week, like recipes, book recommendations, anecdotes, whatever I dang well please. Less photos, more words. And every now and then maybe there will be special Joe Editions. We are no influencers, this will simply just be a space to share and, hopefully, converse. We hope you’ll follow along and find yourself coming here every Sunday reading through these posts. If you do, please comment, share with us! Our blog isn’t one that really gets comments but we would love it if you did. Share any thoughts or encouragement because I will definitely need it (just ask Joe, he needs help ha).


1. Kindle Unlimited

We were recently Face Timing with a friend who commented about not knowing anyone who still goes to the library.

Raises hand proudly. 

Going to the library is a whole other story but I go there all the time. With libraries closed right now though and having finished reading my last batch of borrowed books, I had nothing to read. So I did something I thought I would never do: I signed up for Kindle Unlimited. They’re actually offering free membership for two months to Prime Members right now so that was also probably the only reason why I did it. It’s kind of confusing because they have Kindle eBooks and Kindle Unlimited which I have no idea what the difference is but I just know which one is free. Honestly, I hate it. I don’t feel like I’m reading a book, I feel like I’m scrolling through my phone. But I do love that I have it with me wherever I am. Like the other day Joe was working on our car in the garage and after Lloyd was done playing, I just sat down next to him and continued reading. At night I still look to grab my book, only to realize it’s my phone. Ugh.

I signed up last week and am already on my second errr “read”. I read Verity by Colleen Hoover which I highly enjoyed. They categorize it as romance which yuck because this book is much darker than that cheesy stuff. Yes it was indulgent but such a fast entertaining read that had me still thinking about it afterward. I’m terrible at synopses so you can click on the link to read about it if you’re interested.


2. A DIY Craft for You

I started doing this plant hanger last week and got halfway through when I ran out of cord. I just got my second spool and plan on finishing it this weekend. This is my third macrame plant hanger I’ve made and probably my favorite yet. So if you’re looking for a craft to do this one is great. The tutorial is good enough — if you’ve never done macrame or need refreshers on knots like I always do, watching additional videos for quick tutorials is helpful.


3. For Green Thumbers

Speaking of plants. I needed a new pot for my plant mentioned above and usually we look for ceramic pots at Home Goods or Joe makes me some (I keep telling him he should make more to sell!) but since neither of those are options during this time, I ordered this plastic one from Target. I got the 8″ inch in white and really like it. It’s simple and nice looking in person. While I was at it I needed new gardening gloves so I added these to my order as well. I was a little hesitant ordering them but I like the longer ones and when they arrived I instantly squealed. Super cute in real life and I love them.


4. Ikea Hack Inspiration

There are plenty of Ikea hacks out there but I saw this one for a cane dresser and instantly saved it. It turned out so good.


5. New Recipes I made this week and liked

  • Spicy Chickpea and Cheese Stuffed Zucchini – honestly, anything cheese is good amiright? Right now we’ve been craving pizza and no this doesn’t compare but it was delicious nonetheless. I didn’t have pecorino or fontina cheese, so I substituted with what I had and that was provolone and parmesan. Again, cheese, can’t go wrong. Easy to add meat too if you like.
  • Chocolate Chunk Chai Banana Muffins – I know, another from Half Baked Harvest but I also know banana bread is all the rage right now so if you’re looking for something slightly different check out this recipe. Super easy to make. I didn’t make the salted honey butter that she added to top off with and it was still yum.


6. Wedding Planning During COVID-19

By now we’re probably all tired of hearing the C word (or even the V, P, Q words) but this is certainly our reality right now. And for us being wedding photographers, I can tell you that pretty much all our wedding work is officially cancelled / rescheduled to next year / on hold until who know — we don’t need to talk about it. But we can only imagine how difficult it is for couples who planned on getting married this year or feel in limbo. If you’re looking for tips and advice here is an article that will hopefully guide you in the right direction.


7. Let’s End on a happy note

Joe asked for and received this Lego Porsche for his birthday (yes my husband is a little kid and I love him) and he decided he wanted to make a stop motion of him building it. He spent one day filming and many other days editing this thing, adding sounds (I offered to make the SKRT SKRT sound but was vetoed), tweaking and retweaking and the result…well you can see for yourself. At one point while I was watching it I found myself enjoying it and I had to remind myself I was watching a Lego being built. Gotta be honest, it is dang entertaining.

Julia Hamilton

Love this! blogging seems to be a little cathartic, especially at a crazy time like this. looking forward to reading this every sunday! be safe!
p.s. lloyd is super handsome !

Thanks Julia!!! We all need distractions and things to do right now…right. But honestly so excited that you actually stop by here, you’re the best.

p.s. so basically you’re saying more photos of Lloyd right?!