Sunday Edition

Summer Dreaming

Last weekend was hot. And this coming week is supposed to be pretty warm again. Warmer days have me waking up before my 7am alarm (aka Lloyd) with the sun already blazing through the windows, highlighting the dancing dust in the corner of the room and blankets strewn over the side of the bed. Birds chirping loudly outside competing with the sound of a lawn mower and it all takes me back to lazy summer days as a kid. When the warm air would wake me up well late into the morning, only to have me turn over to my side to grab my book and leave right where I left off before I had snoozed. No care in the world, no schedule for the day ahead except riding my bike with my siblings or, as I got older, talking on the phone for hours on end with my boy crush.

Feels just like that but maybe not so carefree. Especially of late.


All this warm weather though had me thinking summer – minus all the summer plans.

murano venice italy

(Summer 2016 in Murano, Venice Italy. See all photos and video from that trip HERE.)

So I had a whole post set and scheduled but then I kept thinking about it. I overthink all the time, admittedly too much sometimes. But, and I also included this in the original post, I’m not sure where I want to take this series. I want it to be fun for me to continue doing but also enjoyable for the two people who read it. So bear with me as I try to find my footing and figure out what I’m comfortable with and what makes me happy.

As I continued to rethink this post I kept going back to the photo above that I chose to share from our summer trip to Italy. It didn’t really dawn on me until now that this was our first solo international together. We had gone to the Philippines before but with family so Italy was technically our first as a couple, which just adds to the many reasons why this is one of our favorite trips to date — even though the sound of luggage wheels bouncing across cobblestones still give us nightmares (talked about that here) ::shivers::

We’ve been lucky to travel to other countries since then like to Thailand, Paris and the Philippines again. There are so many more places on our travel list but with the state of the world it’s weird to even think beyond next week, let alone traveling. Guess this quarantine just has me nostalgic thinking back on good times. See, I think too much.


Please be well everyone. I know warmer weather marks beach days, friend hangs, family gatherings and traveling but we are still in a middle of a pandemic. Be safe.


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