Happy Mother’s Day

There’s this photo my dad took of my mom and me when I was maybe six, seven years old. My dad was always really good at getting photos and video of the family when we were young — always documenting us on trips, or simply at home playing, eating, doing nothing sometimes — and being able to look back on them now I appreciate so much. Photos was, is, always has been really important to my parents. Anyway this photo by dad took. My mom was getting ready for work, putting make up on in the bathroom. She managed a couple of KFC restaurants way back in the day, always wearing black pants and a button up collared shirt with “Kentucky Fried Chicken” embroidered on the pocket and a bow tie to top it all off. I was in there with her, watching her get ready. The photo had me lifting myself up against the counter, staring at the camera cheesing with my mom in the background.

It’s a random photo, it’s weird that I think about it a lot but I do. (And updated with photo! So happy I was able to get my hands on it, just as I remembered it)

I remember another time watching her get ready for work as she put lipstick on and her work pager was making a weird sound in the other room. We laughed about it as she went on to explain that the batteries were dying and then she made this funny voice, like she was impersonating batteries, “Help me, I’m dying.” I remember laughing, I remember thinking how my mom made a joke (if you could call it that haha but my dad’s more of the joker between the two which is probably why I remember this moment so much), I remember looking at her adoringly.

With her permed curls pinned to the sides. Red lipstick on. Smelling of Jean Naté — oh man, my mom loved that stuff, I loved that stuff. I thought it was the fanciest perfume, I mean just saying it was fancy, Jen-Na-té. It was always on the top shelf from reaching distance, the clear plastic bottle showing just how much yellow liquid fragrance was left, with the fancy Jean Naté logo script across it and the black rounded twist top which I would fill to know how much to use. If I had a sense of smell I would tell you my mom smelled sweet and floral-y.



This will be the first Mother’s Day I won’t be spending with my mom because of the quarantine. That thought makes me kind of sad, and no doubt my mom is pouting about it as well. But together or apart that doesn’t take away from how much I love her, how much she inspires me and how much I appreciate her. Some days I wish I could go back to those simple days of watching her get ready for work with my dad peeping around the corner with his camera. I look forward to the day I have little ones to watch me get ready, hopefully telling better jokes, with Joe documenting our memories.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, my sisters, my titas, my mother in law, to all the moms, mamas to be, anyone that has ever been a mother figure. Know that you are adored and appreciated by someone.


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