Walking around Washington D.C. in 8 Hours

Last month we hopped on a plane for a night’s sleep and woke up (albeit reluctantly) five hours later in Washington D.C. Actually we woke up in Baltimore and then took a 40 min drive into D.C.

We were there solely for work — arriving at the crack of dawn one day and leaving the next morning. Our shoot was in the evening so we had the morning and afternoon to run around the city. We had never been to Washington D.C. so you bet we were going to make the most of our time there. To be honest D.C. was never top of our states list to visit but once we were there, checking the maps and how long it would take to walk to the National Mall we suddenly got so excited to do a staring contest with Abe.

Naturally we were hungry and needed caffeine first and we found this neat place called A Baked Joint (no not that kind of joint) that makes fresh baked goods and bread daily and of course coffee. It was a good way to start the day.

It was gloomy and muh-ggy when we were there. It even started to rain later in the afternoon, which mixing that in with the muggy air, it made for a great combination. Coming from drought ridden California though we sure appreciated how green and lush everything was.

We wish we were able to visit more than “just” the National Mall – don’t get us wrong, being able to walk the grounds and see it in person and take everything in was more than we could have asked for – but we were sad not to be able to walk any museums, see Michelle Obama’s portrait, or meet up with friends that live there. Still, we were happy. It was a good trip and we certainly hope to be back again and for longer than a day.


Oh  look at that a little video from our trip.

PSA: we’ve been dabbling more with videos. we are still complete amateurs but you can subscribe to our Youtube HERE as we continue to learn and create. Let us know what you think.

Now on to the photos!

drinking coffee at A Baked Joint baked goods at A Baked Joint view of US Capitol from street Washington Monument on a gloomy day standing in front of the Washington Monument selfies in front of the Washington Monument Washington Monument under construction National Mall cherry blossoms in May National Mall cherry blossoms in May National Mall cherry blossoms Martin Luther King I have a dream plaque at Lincoln Memorial ceiling at Lincoln Memorial Lincoln Memorial in May Korean War Memorial Korean War Memorial Korean War Memorial National Christmas Tree rainy day at the White House White House