listen, we get real excited and googly eyed when we’re making photos. you will hear squeals and high fives from us. and we want you just as excited with us.

you deserve to work with people that fits your needs and we want to make sure we are the photographers for you — because honestly it makes all the difference. creating a solid foundation and relationship through this journey allows us all to sink into the moments, to breathe in the quiet and appreciate it. getting to know you better allows us to photograph you better. to be comfortable with one another in turn creates photos that aren’t just posed, but pull deeper meaning for you.

our goal? for you to look at your photo and be instantly taken back to that moment. to remember the feelings, the details, big and small. of how your dress kept getting caught on the heel of your shoe, how the tendril in your hair blew in the wind and sometimes in your eye. that she looked so beautiful giggling as tears streamed down her face. we’re freezing time and you have to be down with the process.

we prefer to move along with the moment, to twirl and capture the essence of your love. this is for you two, this is your story, we want to tap into your spirit, feel what you’re feeling. we watch. we listen. we encourage you to be your weird self. we want to catch that glint in your eye. there’s no faking that feeling, we are all about the real stuff. we’re not about the stiff poses. we want you to embrace the moments. take it all in and let us capture the real, the messy, the beautiful.

we enjoy laughing while we’re working. and you better believe we will make you laugh too (probably because you’re laughing at us but hey you’re laughing right?!). everyone always tells us they’re awkward in photos, to which we say, don’t even worry about it. you’ll soon forget there is even a camera. pinky promise.

if you’re into getting your hair tangled in the wind, open to driving a little further to get some wicked photos, running around in the rain and getting a little lost. if this is what you’re wanting too, then come on over and say HELLO we can’t wait to become fast friends.