we are observers, adventurers, seekers of light and looking up when everyone else is looking down.

we create with intention. a mix of drama and fun with a whole lot of heart.

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breaking tradition

Let's Get Weird


We are all about our couples doing things their way. We ourselves had a small wedding. On a Tuesday, in the middle of the woods with less than 40 people. We questioned every wedding tradition and asked ourselves if we needed/wanted to do it that way. Skip out on the pressures of a wedding and do it your way. If you want to go backpacking towards the top of the cliff and change into your dress behind the bushes before exchanging vows, do it. If you want to go to a foreign country and get lost only to find the perfect spot to get married at, we are there. You won't hear louder cheers on that subject than from us.

Here For You


People fascinate us. Everyone is different and that's what we love most about photographing humans. No two people are alike, allowing us to observe the interaction between two people madly in love with each other and capturing that. Taking your goofy nature or softer side or wild self, whatever your personality is, is something we like to bring out in our photos.

Our time spent together is about creating a safe environment to be yourself and making memories within that moment. We observe. we listen. we encourage you to be your weird self.


Look, we're not those photographers that you book and you don't hear from again until a week before your wedding day. We are HANDS ON. You'll be hearing from us on the reg from first email until all the photos are in your hands (and if we're all lucky we'll still be talking way after that because BFF). We are here for you from day one - full with tips and advice and guides, answering any and all your questions. Don't expect us to just sit back and let things just fall to the way side, we are on top of it.

Something different



We want to create photos that speak to you personally. If you are looking for posed, staged, awkward, cheesy smiling photos we are not the photographers for you.

We want to create photos that make you linger, that are filled with excitement and stories. Let that dress get dirty, that stray hair blow in the wind, your cheeks burn from laughter, let the moments flow, let life happen. And we'll be there to document it.

Turns out, it makes all the difference when you work with people that you actually enjoy. Think about it, we're the ones seeing you at your most vulnerable — don't you want that person to be someone you actually trust and like? Photography is an investment. It's truly the only tangible thing that lasts beyond your wedding day. Finding a photographer that fits with your aesthetic, your style, is number one. At the end of the day when we are vibing, that's when photo magic happens.