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Personal 03.18.20

A Slow Paris Morning

When we were looking at Airbnbs in Paris we really wanted one with the quintessential “Parisian window” (you know the one, big windows that open up to views of the city and you can sit and pose right in front of it. yeah that one) and some character. We didn’t find one with as much character as we wanted that was within our budget – hello intricate crown moldings and arched entryways – but this window made us happy.

Wedding 03.04.20

Cuban Inspired Wedding at The Houdini Estate

These two are not only the coolest eva eva but they planned an outrageously fun wedding that not even the rain could stop (although it certainly tried real hard). A wedding at the Houdini Estate full of Cuban flavor with that Old Hollywood vibe. Oh it's a good one.

Couples 02.25.20

Because a Session at Joshua Tree is Always Good

We showed them one of our favorite places to visit, to take photos at and they started with nervous laughter, asking each other "how are you" every time they locked eyes, which was was every time. Then we hit a groove, a stride and we were able to focus on their love and everything was comfortable, right. How funny the world is bringing two strangers together, quickly becoming each other's confidant, the one who knows you best, loves you most. 

Wedding 02.06.20

Never Been to California, This Couple Planned an Intimate Destination Wedding at Ellen Browning Scripps Park

We love small weddings. There we said it. We ourselves had a small wedding and sometimes wish we had planned an even smaller one. There is such a harmony to them. It feels like home. Like mom's cookies and grandpa's hugs. Familiar, warm, and inviting. That's exactly what Kevin+Amanda's wedding felt like.


What People Are Saying

“Joe+Kathrina were the absolute best couple! Neither of us feel we are very photogenic, and they couldn’t have captured our natural happiness on our wedding weekend more perfectly.  Taking photos out in the desert with just the four of us was such a highlight of our day truly. They reminded us to slow down and enjoy each other because they would capture the moments so beautifully. Can’t recommend them enough!!!”