the nitty gritty.

what you can expect

photos that capture your essence, your love and make you say "wow, i didn't know they were getting that". we want to create photos that not are not only genuine and meaningful to you but also experimental, cinematic, bad to the bone.

there's a process to this but it's done with you. together. because it’s a collaboration through through.

no faking the funk. this is stuff with guts and feeling.

honestly anyone can simply take a photo. for us we want our photos, your photos, to tell your story. we’re not going to ask you to laugh on cue and we’re not going to just have you stand there holding a stiff smile.


let’s create so much more than that.

For Lovers

Engagement, Maternity, Anniversary, Just Because

This is seriously our absolute favorite thing to do. More of a two on two moment. Whether this is for an engagement, anniversary, just because (whoever said you have to be getting married, nah. life is now, take those photos), we are in it. At home and or chasing sunsets, we’ll go wherever. This is our time together and we love to make an experience out of it, to laugh a whole lot and to capture you at this moment in your life.

For Soulmates

Elopements, Micro Weddings, Intimate, Local Weddings

It’s never been about weddings per say that we fell in love with – it’s been the people we’ve met and the stories that we have become a part of that we love being able to share. Being able to immerse ourselves in the experience, amongst your loved ones and being able to really document all the happenings is what we love.
Weddings with intention. To us small / micro / intimate / tiny weddings (however you phrase it) means not your traditional, fully packed on scheduled day. This is for those planning something different, something adventurous, something small – and you’re still allowing plenty of time for photos. We had a small wedding. On a Tuesday, in the middle of the woods with less than 40 people. We are all about intimate weddings. There is such a harmony to them. It feels like your childhood home. like mom’s cookies and grandpa’s hugs. Familiar, warm, and inviting. And just because it’s small doesn’t mean you don’t deserve some dang good, dreamy AF photos. Let us do that for you.
For those planning a bigger wedding, doesn’t mean we treat it less personal. We are there for you through and through.

*a note:

we never want you to feel like you can’t approach us.

having a conversation is the first time step — talk to us. let’s chat about your budget and see if it’s a possibility to work together in this season of life.

What People Are Saying

“There are not enough words to describe the amazing work of this passionate and beautiful couple. They have the ability to relate to their clients on another level, allowing all the awkward feelings you think you have in front of the camera to completely disappear. Joe and Kathrina captured everything. Every single thing you could imagine wanting in your wedding photos, as well as those special, secret moments you never knew were captured and are now framed, hanging around the house. Their photos are something that you will never want to stop looking at – I know we don’t. These two are magical – both their photography, as well as their understanding and creative personalities putting up with all our craziness made our entire wedding experience something that we will never forget. THANK YOU!”