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yes there are two of us, which is a major bonus for you! we balance each other out and work together harmoniously. together we started this business and have worked alongside each other from day one. with both of us shooting we bring two different viewpoints while creatively syncing together. Kathrina brings the high energy and vision. While Joe brings the calm and finds the quiet beauty.

Do both of you take photos?

professionally we have been photographers for 10 years now! but even before then we were both known for always having our cameras and taking photos of all our friends and family during trips, special occasions and the everyday (especially the everyday).

How long have y'all been photographers?

ah-doy. whatever you have questions about, need referrals, anything – we are here for you. we're not the kind of photographers you book and don't hear from until your wedding day. we're in this with you and will be guiding you throughout our entire time together. besides being photographers, we ourselves got married, we know how stressful it can be. we are here for you.

We sort of have no idea what we're doing. Will you help us?

How do we book you?

first, let's chat. let's make sure we're the right fit. that our style of photography is actually what you are looking for and want and that you do like us as too (because hey, we're going to be hanging out all day. make sure you like us). after that a signed contract and 50% retainer (for weddings, full payment upfront for sessions) holds the date and makes us all yours!

every wedding and session is different. depending on your coverage you can expect to receive a minimum of 700+ photos from your wedding day. and 80+ photos from your session. we believe in quality over quantity but always make sure your story is being told. let's just say this, no one has ever complained they didn't get enough photos. we promise you will receive plenty.

How many images will we get?

when applicable travel covers flight, transportation, stay. if we can travel to and from in one day by car, then we just charge to the mile that’s over 80 miles roundtrip. if it requires overnight stay / out of state / out of the country then we ask for our flights and stay and, if necessary, transportation. we prefer to book all our own travel, with prior approval from you. honestly we are always open to work with you on your budget. whether that means staying in the same airbnb as your friends, having a family member pick us up, etc. we’ve done all that and it always makes for the best bonding experience for us. we don’t make money from our travel charges, it’s simply just covering for travel.

How does travel expenses work?

for weddings, we typically say 4-6 weeks. for sessions, about 2-4 weeks. never later, most times sooner. once we’re done with them we’ll upload all the photos onto your gallery first and send you the link so you can view them right away.

How long will it take to get our photos?

Can we get the raw files?

we never give those out. editing your photos is half the magic and process and why you're hiring us. without it, the work would be half done. we lovingly go through each file and make sure they look good and are up to our standards.

in the words of Kendrick Lamar we are “so sick and tired of the photoshop.” we are not photoshoppers, we are photographers. we believe in making you feel good and comfortable in front of our cameras, just as you are. if you have a blemish or if there’s something in the background that’s distracting then yes we will, otherwise we like you just the way you are.

Can you photoshop us to be skinnier?

oh sista sista, we most certainly do. we are firm believers of printing your ish. read more about the albums we offer HERE.

Do you offer photo albums?

We have no idea where to do our session. And ahhh, what do we wear?!

don’t worry. we got you. we love scheming together on where to do your session, we’ll bounce ideas off each other, get an idea of what you’re envisioning, give suggestions and we’ll pick the perfect spot together. as far as what to wear, we’ll share our Ted Talk with you on that subject. it's 30 seconds long: wear what is comfortable to you, wear what is YOU. long version, we will send you our guide with tips and you can send us selfies with your outfits and we’ll give you our input. but in the end what's most important is that you feel you.

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