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we are so awkward in front of the camera.

do both of you take photos?


we get this all the time. 99% of the people we photograph are not used to having their photos taken, we understand that. most of the people we photograph are not sure what to do in front of the camera. the people you see smiling, laughing, and even working the camera, in our photos most likely told us they were camera shy. it's our job to get you comfortable and to get you moving and grooving. as long as you embrace the experience, trust us to do our job.

yes we are both taking photos — which is a major bonus for you. with both of us shooting we bring two different viewpoints while creatively syncing together. Kathrina brings the high energy and vision. while Joe brings the calm and finds the quiet beauty. we balance each other out and work together harmoniously. together we started this business and have worked alongside each other from day one.

what if the weather is bad during our session?

we have no idea what we're doing. will you help us?

can we tell you a secret? we love when the weather switches it up and it's foggy or windy, or ::gasp:: raining. we always encourage embracing whatever the weather ends up being like. we can play and shoot in any type of light and are comfortable doing so. if the weather throws us a curveball, it's all part of the experience! of course if the weather is a chance of meatballs and can potentially damage our gear we can absolutely reschedule or postpone.

absofreakinglutely. look we know planning a wedding is overwhelming, thinking about your session is a lot. it's not everyday you do these things. know that we are not a hire-us-and-you-won't-hear-from-us-again-until-the-day-of kind of photographers. we are on the journey with you. we can help brainstorm locations, send vendor referrals, give honest opinions, share our knowledge with you. we have lots of info and opinions to share. we are here for you.

how do you charge for travel?


when applicable travel covers flight, transportation, and lodging for the two of us. if we can travel to and from in one day with our own vehicle, then we charge to the mile that is over 40 miles outside of Orange County. if it requires overnight stay or is out of state / out of the country then we ask for our lodging and, if necessary, flights and transportation. know that we are always open to work with you on your budget. whether that means staying in the same airbnb as your friends, having a family member pick us up, etc. we've done all that and it always makes for the best bonding experience for us.


what if we need to reschedule because of COVID?

what COVID precautions are you taking?

this has been a difficult past few years for all of us. if you need to reschedule because of COVID please let us know and we will work together on rescheduling. we are big on communication so just keep us posted on what's happening.

we have been taking this pandemic very seriously. every day is something different but we are doing everything we can to stay safe and healthy. we are both fully vaccinated and boosted. and out of an abundance of caution we will still be wearing masks during our time together.

how long will it take to get our photos?

how many images will we get?


for weddings we typically say 4-6 weeks. for sessions about 2-4 weeks. trust us, we work hard on getting them to you asap. once we're done with them we'll upload all the photos onto your gallery first and send you the link so you can view them right away.

between both of us shooting, trust us, you get a lot. like probably an overwhelming amount. there's no set number, every wedding and session is different. on average we say about 80 ish images per hour ish (technical). let's just put it this way, no one has ever complained to us that they didn't receive enough.

how do we get our images?

can we get the raw files?

we upload all your images onto your own personal online gallery where you can download the high res and web res (perfect for social media) files. you'll also be able to send family and friends the photos for them to view and download. plus you can order prints through your gallery from a lab that we trust and offers quality products.


we never give those out. editing your photos is half the magic and process. without it the work would be half done. we lovingly go through each file and make sure they look good.

can you photoshop us to be skinnier?

can we order prints from you?

yes please! we set it up so that we upload all your photos onto your own personal online gallery — from that gallery you can view your photos, download the images, share photos with family and friends, AND order prints. we've chosen a local photo lab that we trust and will deliver quality prints.

in the words of Kendrick Lamar we are "so sick and tired of the photoshop." we are not photoshoppers, we are photographers. we believe in making you feel good and comfortable in front of our cameras, just as you are. if you have a blemish or if there's something in the background that's distracting then yes we will, otherwise we like you just the way you are.


why do you charge sales tax? can you include that in our collection?

what if we're not sure how many total hours we want for wedding coverage?

because it's California law. and although we are all about breaking "wedding rules", we run a legit business paying our taxes. you know when you save up money for those boots you've been lusting over and when you pay you see the total is more because of sales tax. what do you do? you pay it. because you know it's the law and there's nothing you can do about it. please understand that sales tax is just us following California law and not us making a profit, it goes straight to the government.

our collections start with a base amount of hours, after that you can customize the package to what fits best for your day. you have the option to add hours now up to the day of — things may have run late day of so couples ask us to stay a little longer and or they just want more photos. we always work with you on the schedule to make sure we can stay within the hours you choose but know that it's super easy to add additional hours if need be.

what if we're not sure adding a session or the album - can we add that later on?

do you offer albums?


most definitely. if you need time to decide on any of the add on options you can easily just let us know once you figure that out.

tip: you can even add on the album after the wedding, you know once all the wedding dust settles — a lot of couples opt for this.

oh sista sista, we sure do! we talk about albums and all your options IN LENGTH on our website. you can read all about it HERE.

please, please print your ish.

how do we book you?

what form of payment(s) do you accept?


we require a 50% nonrefundable retainer (full payment for sessions) with your signed contract to hold the date. the remaining balance is due 4 weeks before your wedding day.

Venmo, Zelle or check.

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