you've got questions, we've got answers

Do you guys always shoot together?

sure do! so basically you’re getting the price of two photographers for one. neither one of us is the second shooter that doesn’t really know what’s going on or doesn’t know how to direct. we are both shooting on your wedding day. always have, always do. we started this business together. learning how to work the camera alongside each other and now we do a little dance when we shoot and share our own language working alongside each other.

We are so awkward in front of the camera.

okay so that’s more of a statement rather than a question but we get this all the time. part of what we do is to break you down (in the best possible sense) and get you comfortable in front of the camera. most of our couples come at us telling us they’re awkward and not sure what to do in front of the camera. that’s another great reason to book a session because it is then we’re able to really get you camera ready. we’ll find that inner model in you just yet.


We have no idea where to do our session. And ahhh, what do we wear?!

don’t worry. we got you. we love scheming together on where to do your session, we’ll bounce ideas off each other, get an idea of what you’re envisioning, give suggestions and we’ll pick the perfect spot together. as far as what to wear, we’ll share our Ted Talk with you on that subject. jk, but don’t worry we will send you our guide with tips and you can send us selfies with your outfits and we’ll give you our opinions. we’re a team through it all!


How do you charge for travel?

we only charge for the bare minimum – which is flight, transportation, stay. if we can travel to and from in one day by car, then we just charge to the mile one way that’s over 80 miles roundtrip. if it requires overnight stay / out of state / out of the county then we ask for our flights and stay and, if necessary, transportation. but honestly we’re not fancy and we are always open to work with you on your budget. whether that means staying in the same airbnb as your friends, having a family member pick us up, etc. we’ve done all that and it always makes for the best bonding experience for us. we don’t make money from our travel charges, it’s simply just covering for travel.


How many images will we get?

every wedding and session is different. however you can expect to receive a minimum of 700+ photos from your wedding day. and 80+ photos from your session. we believe in quality over quantity but always make sure your story is being told.


Can you photoshop us to be skinnier?

in the words of Kendrick Lamar we are “so sick and tired of the photoshop.” we’re not photoshoppers, we’re photographers. we believe in making you feel good and comfortable in front of our cameras, just as you are. if you have a blemish or if there’s something in the background that’s distracting then yes we will, otherwise we like you just the way you are.


How long will it take to get our photos?

for weddings, we typically say 4-6 weeks. for sessions, about 2-4 weeks. never later, most times sooner. once we’re done with them we’ll upload all the photos onto your gallery first and send you the link so you can view them right away.


We sort of have no idea what we’re doing. Will you help us?

ah-doy! whatever you have questions about, need referrals, anything – we are here for you. we ourselves got married and have been in this industry for a few years now so we can most definitely help out.


What People Are Saying

“Joe+Kathrina are so much fun, first of all. They really help awkward-in-front-of-the-camera folks (hello, that’s me and my husband) feel comfortable and at ease, and they’re just awesome people. But also, we were just blown away by how incredible our wedding photos turned out. They’re phenomenal and really captured the urban-cool vibe we were going for. We stumbled upon them on Instagram and it was far and away the happiest accident we had while wedding planning. Hiring them was a no-brainer and one of the best decisions we made.”