couples sessions.

truly our favorite

Engagement sessions, anniversary, just because you’re happy in love – whatever the reason we love doing these sessions. It’s a completely different vibe from your wedding day and the best way for all of us to become fast friends.

Why should I do an engagement session?

This is our time to get to know each other. For you to get comfortable being in front of our camera so come wedding day you don’t have to worry about warming up to it. This is our time to run wild, to go where we please and not have any wedding schedule holding us back. Consider this our bonding time – with each other and with our cameras.

We have no idea where we want to do our engagement session, will you guys help us out?

Of course! This is all part of the process and honestly we love being able to brainstorm different ideas with you. We’ll talk with you about you guys like, discuss ideas, figure out what best suits you. We are in this together promise.

So how far do you travel for sessions?

If you check out the sessions below you’ll see we go everywhere. From our home area of Orange County, to the city of Los Angeles, to the desert of Joshua Tree and Palm Springs aaaall the way to Italy. Wherever you dream of having your photos taken, we are there.

Okay so what the heck do we wear?

Seriously guys don’t worry, we have got your back! We have a complete pdf guide that lays out our advice and tips on what colors look good in photos, what works in front of the camera. Afterwards our couples usually like to send us selfies to let us know what they’re thinking of wearing and we’ll text back “omg so cutes” and we’ll advise on what we think looks good photographically speaking. Promise we never leave you out on the limb, we are there for you!


How do we book you for a session?

If you’re not hiring us for wedding photography along with a session, then we ask for full payment and a signed contract. Afterwards we can move onto the fun stuff of figuring out a date and a place and what to wear. Once you’re ready, head on over to our contact page and let’s get things rolling!


this is all about connection. we’re here to make some dang good, dreamy AF photos for you. if you’re feeling our photos, then we are ready for you.