couple sitting on the hood of a white vintage mustang with the sun behind them
Will + Ina.

Newport Beach Engagement Session with a Vintage Mustang

A sunny day in Orange County, driving down PCH with the top down, wind blowing through our hair

From the beginning they mentioned the idea of renting a vintage car for their session and we were all in. A white mustang with red leather seats, it could not have been more perfect. They decided that they wanted to start at the Lido Marina Village where they usually find themselves walking around and having dinner at. Afterwards we all got in the car, us squeezing ourselves in the backseat like the third and fourth wheelers we are, and cruised around Newport Beach. It was the perfect mild summer afternoon. And these two are just about as sweet as can be.

Will + Ina, they met online and admittedly didn't have a lot in common. But the conversation was easy and Ina found herself feeling things she never felt before. Throughout the years the conversation and excitement continued. From traveling together, eating a lot of food, moving in together, changing jobs, sharing a pup, and growing their love for each other. Her smile is bright as the sun and Will beams right back at her.


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