Downtown Santa Ana / Lola Gaspar

Courtney+Jaclyn Engaged

The first thing you notice about them is their hair. Courtney with her wild curls swept to the side; Jaclyn with the most enviable cut and swoop that only she could pull off. And then they greet you with the warmest smiles and effervescent chatter that you’re instantly charmed.

Our initial meeting they told us how awkward they felt in front of cameras but c’mon look at them, we didn’t believe them for a second. Once we started their session we found out they weren’t lying — but here’s the thing about love, it takes over. The nuzzles, the sneaky kisses, the hand holding, the hushed conversation in each other’s ears, the unabashed laughter, that all comes to life and in the forefront and then nothing else matters.

We spent the late afternoon together walking familiar alleys and catching the sun on the streets of downtown Santa Ana. Once the sun hid behind the buildings we snuck away into Lola Gaspar before they opened, sipped some drinks, had more jacket changes, and took our last photos in the restroom, yes the restroom (hey they get us).

It was supposed to end there but next thing you know we’re sitting next to them at the bar sharing bites and family stories and hair tips. By the time we headed home the streets were lit by the city lights and we couldn’t stop talking about how much we enjoyed ourselves with these two. Yep, charmed for sure.

downtown santa ana engagement


Special thanks to Courtney+Jaclyn’s friends at Lola Gaspar for allowing us to take over their bar and patio…and restroom before they actually opened. What a treat.


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How gorgeous are these ladies?! And these pics are bringing back so many happy memories of our wedding in this space (and lola gaspar was the site of our 2nd date).congrats to these fabulous women and as always, well done on the pics, you two!

oh thank you Erin!! honestly whenever we’re in that area we never not think of you two! we had never been to lola gaspar until this day and ugh we love.