The Christmas Card That Almost Wasn’t

Every year I get these grand visions for our Christmas card. Sometimes they pan out, sometimes they don’t and sometimes we just have to make it work. Like this year. I had sugar plums dancing in my head for awhile about what we were going to do but finding the perfect place to shoot it, not to mention the time to do it, became the issue. And honestly at one point I even said, Maybe we just won’t send out Christmas cards this year.

*There was an audible gasp from the elves.*

For our five year anniversary we went away to the cutest cabin (hope to share more photos from that trip soon) and it was then the elves got our butts into gear. Once there was a break from the rain we put ourselves together and started setting up. Naturally our car was already decked out with the wreath and garland and yes Joe had packed Christmas socks with him — this should tell you so much about us — and well…we made it work.

When we got home we designed the card and sent it to a printer we had never used before (never a good idea), and were finally feeling like our ole Christmas selves. Then the cards arrived. Let’s just say we weren’t fully happy with how it came out. I may have uttered again, Maybe we just won’t send out Christmas cards this year. After a little back and forth with the printer and unfortunately still not fully happy with the outcome we barely got the cards out in time before Christmas.

But we did it. We didn’t break our Christmas card tradition and hopefully spread some holly jolly in the process. Now it’s time to start planning for next year’s card!


This song is what inspired our greeting on the card. If you have spotify hope you can click play and enjoy while you scroll.

^ that’s the photo we ended up using. but first let’s go back and see how we got there. the cliff’s notes version.

^ maybe we should have just left our photo at that.

^ all the kids are doing. we just wanted to know how it felt.

^ trying out to see how it all looked visually. you can see my boot on the bottom of the photo. it was a little difficult getting on the hood and staying there as you can see below and the gif after.

^ at this point Lloyd was pretty over it and us. so we went with plan q.

Merry Christmas wherever you are. Whatever you celebrate, hope you are filled with joy and love.