Positano // Amalfi Coast

While we were planning out what to do and where to go in Positano and Amalfi we watched videos of the crazy roads there. Instantly Joe said he wanted to rent a car and drive it, of course. We were too late to rent a car (thank goodness) so we took a bus and it is no joke. A road that should really be one way only, is made for two ways and when you add buses going head to head on tight bends it was just crazy. But as soon as we arrived in Positano and caught view of the infamous orange umbrellas by the water and the houses hanging on the cliff, you quickly forget about the death ride that got you there.

We were only in Positano for a couple of hours and didn’t get to swim in the waters but we promised ourselves we’d love to vacation here in the future.

Afterwards we hopped on the death bus again and headed to Amalfi. It felt more crowded there and after our breaths were taken away by Positano we decided we liked Positano better. Don’t get us wrong though, sitting on the steps of Duomo di Amalfi, eating pizza and people watching is something we will always remember.

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