Florence // Driving Through Tuscany to Siena

As soon as we got off the train in Florence and started walking through the city we were in love. There was something different in the air here. Men in suits riding their bikes, women carrying flowers, dogs everywhere, it was like we had walked onto a movie set. Of all the places we visited in Italy, we could easily imagine ourselves living in Florence.

Our last night in Florence, we walked around aimlessly in the evening enjoying the brisk air. We found ourselves buying pizza and a bottle of wine and sitting in front of the Il Duomo di Firenze. We sat there watching the people walk by, listening to the police sirens going down the street, looking up at the apartment windows and imagining life here.


During our stay in Florence we rented a car for a day trip and ooohweee I was so excited about this. My one request was to get the smallest car possible and Joe delivered with a Smart Car. Sure we really wanted a Fiat Cinquecento and he wanted a manual but we booked it the day before so we couldn’t be too picky.

After days of walking everywhere, it was nice to be able to drive to places. We drove through Tuscany to Siena and really wanted to find fields of bright blooming sunflowers but we learned we had just missed it and that the best time is end of June/early July. So we settled for dying sunflowers. Still we enjoyed the sights of the rolling hills and ate lunch outside while sipping on some wine.

Literally, you can’t complain in Italy.

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