Islands off Venice // Murano + Burano

If you are traveling to Venice, do not miss out on going to Murano and Burano. We’re going a little out of order in our trip and sharing photos from Murano and Burano first but the way to get to these islands is from Venice and so well worth visiting. It’s a relatively short boat ride and you hit Murano first, most known for glass blowing. Burano is a little further and that is the island known for the colorful homes.

We decided to go further first and went straight to Burano. While we were on the boat looking ahead all we saw were dark clouds and once we arrived in Burano it was P O U R I N G. All of us passengers got off the boat and just huddled under the canopy near the dock. Really we were all surveying the area, deciding if we should stick it out but there were no eaves and nothing to run to for cover. It wasn’t the picturesque kind of rain where you sing in it, it was a mad kind of rain and with no umbrella it would have made being a tourist a nightmare. So back on the boat we went and headed back towards Murano. It was drizzling there for a bit but soon the sun was shining and it gave us hope that it would head towards Burano. After a couple of hours walking around and eating lunch, we headed back to Burano and the sun was bright with no rain in sight.

Both islands are so different and considering a boat ride will take you to both, seriously just do it.

Murano //

rain in murano Islands off Venice // Murano + Burano buildings in murano cactus in murano rain in murano Islands off Venice // Murano + Burano

Burano //

pink house in burano purple house in burano Islands off Venice // Murano + Burano