Rainy Days

We can’t get enough of this weather. It’s been raining here all week and we’ve been in a haze of gray days and dreams of cuddling. It sounds gloomy but for us it’s just what we like. I mean we did get married IN the rain so that should explain it all.


The filtered gray light. The pitter-patter sounds of the rain. Watching it fall from our window and seeing the drops it leaves on glass. It stimulates all of our senses.

Other than snuggling we always yearn to shoot in the rain. We drove around a bit the other day looking for puddles. Of course when you’re looking for it it’s harder to find. But we were just looking for anything that gave us a little spark, we were itching create.



It was random but it felt good. Sometimes you need days like this when you’re just having fun, finding inspiration in the most unexpected places and trying out different things.



Lloyd snuggles. He was so over it at the end. We have the most patient impatient pup.