Why are these always so fun to put together. We always hold off on looking through them until the end of the year and they make us laugh all the time. But probably the best part is that even in the photos we’re completely oblivious, we look pretty dang happy.

↑ Nope. Not helping you up.

↑ Kathrina’s hands should have their own behind the scenes post

Joe+Kathrina photographers behind the scenes↑ so…what are you guys doing today..

↑ when we get to bring our pup to work

↑ living on the edge

↑ that “Asian squat” coming in clutch

↑ when you’re shooting at a place and you start shopping their furniture

Joe+Kathrina photographers behind the scenes↑ tickle tickle

Joe+Kathrina photographers behind the scenes↑ oh what a pretty veil… uh Kathrina, we’re trying to have our photos taken here

↑ you guys are so cute and funny and I’m just going to stand here right in the way of your shot.

↑ BOO!

↑ the nervous smiles you give when someone picks up your camera to take a photo and they don’t really know what they’re doing.

↑ this outfit is still questionable. and it’s not because I’m wearing two hats.

↑ that silly smiles says “oooh cute shoes!”

↑ mirror mirror on the wall

Joe+Kathrina photographers behind the scenes↑ we will never forget this shoot. will probably be our favorite forever. oh and we were nervous as heck. see it HERE.

Joe+Kathrina photographers behind the scenes↑ la la la. just picking up some dead weeds.

Joe+Kathrina photographers behind the scenes↑ hey guys up here. see photo that was taken from this scene HERE.

↑ hiker to your right…

↑ taking a rest and photo at the same time. see photo from this HERE.

Joe+Kathrina photographers behind the scenes↑ don’t worry guys, I’m a professional bow-tie-tier.

↑ have you had your 8 glasses of water today?

↑ that end of a long day delirium setting in.

↑ three headed love birds.

↑ oh you can still see me? I thought this branch would camouflage me. 

Joe+Kathrina photographers behind the scenes ↑ and we’ll end with these last two because sparklers at the end of the night are always pretty but they can be a little nerve racking with people waving it around your hair and face.


Going into 2017 we were quite down on ourselves and our business. After moping about for a couple of months we picked ourselves up and told ourselves to knock it off. Thankfully we listened. We made things happen for ourselves and were reminded to never stop pushing and growing. This past weekend we shot our first wedding of the year. We’re excited for what’s to come and as we’re still booking for 2018 we are in high anticipation to see who and what else comes our way. This makes us happy and we are thankful every day we get to do this.