El Cosmico // Marfa Lovers

El. Cosmico.

Let’s be honest, this place was the reason why we wanted to visit Marfa so bad. And to be 100% candid, it’s because they have a purple trailer. We’ve got priorities.

Of course when we were finally ready to book, the purple one wasn’t available anymore. Not gonna lie that was a blow to my own personal purple dreams. Thankfully Joe reeled me back in to real life and we booked another trailer that was blue but available. This was one of our stops that we were most excited about during our trip and once we arrived to El Cosmico we didn’t want to leave. We’ve dreamed of owning our own trailer and staying in one just made us want one more.

This place would be so fun to stay at with friends. OR, hint hint, have a wedding at. (yes we were being serious in our previous post when we said hire us to photograph a wedding in Marfa and we wouldn’t charge for travel. do it) Besides the trailers they also have tents and yurts and space for you to camp with your own tent. There are hammocks, wood burning hot tubs, communal areas and bikes (which UGH we didn’t find out about until we were leaving at the crack of dawn and we saw the bikes. we were so bummed, we love biking and Marfa would been so perfect because it’s not a bustling city). Needless to say we would highly recommend staying here, it was a good time and so worth it.

el cosmico wagonsel cosmico trailersel cosmico blue trailerel cosmico

So during this trip we gave ourselves an assignment to set up a tripod and make sure we took photos of us. Together. This got a little difficult when we realized not only did we forget our tripod, but we also forgot our remote trigger. We may have had a little argument but in the end we worked with what we had. Purses hanging on the wall to hold the camera, luggage to elevate it and even my feet to hold it above us. Yes, my feet. The close up photo of us laughing are because literally the camera was above our heads while my feet held it. It was a sight to see.

dog sleeping in a trailerdog sleeping in a trailerdog sleeping in a trailerchemex coffeehand chairel cosmico kozy coachel cosmico allows dogsel cosmico purple trailerel cosmico purple trailerel cosmico hammocksel cosmico allows dogsel cosmico blue trailerel cosmico purple trailerel cosmico purple trailerel cosmico hammocksel cosmico hammocksel cosmico signel cosmico at nightel cosmico front doorel cosmico signel cosmico lights

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