Montmartre, Paris

part I 

Last Fall we decided to book a trip to Paris, France. For no reason whatsoever other than the fact there was a really good deal on tickets and we’ve always wanted to visited Paris. We don’t usually book tickets out of the country on the whim (although we certainly wish we could financially do so more often!) especially if there isn’t a particular reason – like when we went to Italy because of work or the Philippines because of family. Paris? Just because.

When we visit new places our favorite thing to do is simply walk around. We don’t really book tours and our itinerary always includes just getting lost and taking photos along the way. The neighborhood of Montmartre was one of our favorites to pretend like we actually lived in Paris  – to just walk around, stop to get crepes along the way, sit in a coffee shop, walk into little stores and window shop and find a cafe where we could people watch.


A lot of people mention walking around Montmartre. What we didn’t read about or know was how hilly it is there. And to get to the area we had to go up a steep flight of stairs, one of many around the neighborhood. But let’s be honest with all the bread we were eating there we were all about it.

Also there’s a lot of cobblestones. So definitely plan on wearing sturdy shoes.



A lot of stairs though means great views. Sweeeeeping views of Paris.



Sacre Coeur Basilica. Although jam packed with people, pretty spot to sit and take in the views.



While we were here we were in the middle of watching The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix. If you any you guys have watched that, these graffiti wall art reminded us so much of the “tall man”. We saw quite a few of them too.



Yes coffee shops in Paris are just as picturesque as you can imagine.



Mid bread stuffed in the mouth. A look we had more than once here.



Dogs walking around every where in Paris. We absolutely loved it but of course made us miss Lloyd so much.



Seriously not sure what we would do without our phones when we travel. We’d probably be whipping out a big paper map and standing in it a la Joey.



Oh girl. Where there is purple I will find you.



Another great but really touristy area is Place du Tertre – the artist square. We stumbled upon it and it’s not hard to miss seeing all these artists with their easels. It would have been fun to sit down and had a drawing of ourselves done but we had a lot more walking to do.



La Maison Rose aka the pink house aka you’ve probably seen this on Instagram.



Day before we were heading back home we decided to walk around the area again. Our airbnb was walking distance in this area and we just wanted to be able to walk somewhere versus having to take the subway.



Apparently I thought it was Paris Fashion Week, strutting the streets like it’s the runway.



Love just getting photos of locals. Parisians they’re just like Americans.



Between the two of us we certainly take a lot of photos whenever we’re traveling. We have a few more posts from Paris coming up, we hope you guys enjoy them! Until then you can see what else is coming by watching our video from Paris. Yay!