we're weird, we're quirky, we're always up for an adventure.

did we

just become best friends

laughing till our bellies hurt. running around losing our breath. being picked up and twirled around. snuggling with our pup. making coffee and breakfast together. these are the simple things we enjoy.

you should hire us, we're a hoot.

bits of us

we met in high school. after twelve years we got married in the woods under the rain in a super small intimate wedding.

our dog is our most favorite and we fear our future children will never compare.

we never say no to chips and salsa.

honestly we're a hoot.

what do you say

let's create something meaningful

our photos are warmer and tend to be moodier

creating a mix of editorial, photojournalism and fun in our photography is what we like

embracing your awkwardness and quirks is our specialty

adding some drama and bad to the bonery is a must

we want our photos to feel and move

shooting indoors doesn’t scare us

we always try to seek light in creative ways

making our couples laugh for real > fake laughs

moving around, jumping, running, snuggling, laughing, are just a few things we’ll have you do in front of our cameras

we don’t like just being a vendor or called “the photographers” let’s become friends

photos with feeling

and meaning and so much love