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your new bffs

we are a hoot.

says us.

joe+kathrina orange county wedding photographers

we had an Intimate wedding before they were even a thing. married on a tuesday in the rain, surrounded by trees and family.

technically we're

not technically

high school sweethearts

We met in high school, the summer before senior year. Wearing matching navy polo shirts with our names stitched over our hearts and bright yellow visors on our heads. Yes, we had joined ASB and were off to summer camp. His first words to her were poking fun of her for being too quiet (joke was on him!), she was not amused. From there a wonderful friendship started. After graduating high school we officially became a couple.

We made it through college and afterwards while we were trying to find our footing in adulthood and starting careers (and failing) we looked towards photography. Borrowing a friend's DSLR camera, we took a family trip to Kathrina's motherland, the Philippines (and Joe's first out of the country trip), where we took photos of every plant, ant, and person. They were terrible photos. We were hooked.

when we aren't taking photos we enjoy the simple things —

Making pour over coffee and laughing at Seth Meyers corrections on youtube (if you know what we're talking about let's be friends). Drinks on the patio, cooking to jazz music, meals with friends in our backyard. Getting lost for hours gardening and trying to grow vegetables. Playing mahjong with family. Perusing our neighborhood antique stores and local flea markets, walking away empty handed. Planning road trips with our 1989 Landcruiser. Snuggling with our pup, vying for his attention.

Coffee black. Whiskey neat.

Mountains, desert, beach — in that order.

this is Joe —

this is Kathrina —


at home portrait with black palm leaf

he is a Star Wars nerd but please don't call him that. he gets more hair compliments than his wife. proud to be half Mexican. born in Texas and swears he had a southern accent once. Florence + The Machine to Rage Against the Machine. enjoys craft beer and making ceramics. he has a psychology degree and works with special needs children. scrolls through online estate sales daily. you can often find him at car shows, with his wife trailing behind sipping coffee wondering how much longer.

don't let her boisterous laugh fool you, she is the introvert between the two. you'll never see her nails without polish. she frequents libraries and prefers snail mail over text. she has no sense of smell, so if she stinks please let her know. often overheard saying "i need more plants". december 26th is her least favorite day. she loves board games but one time she turned over a game table after losing (it was a joke!) and now her husband doesn't allow her to play with others.

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We are here to create an experience.

this is about you, for you.

It's never been about weddings per say that we fell in love with — it's been the people we've met and the stories that we have become a part of that we love being able to share. We love being immersed in the experience and being able to really document all the happenings - big and small. We like to breathe in the moments and have time to observe, take it all in and

be able to tell your story.

The core of our work is relationships. In order to create honestly and creatively, it is done with you.

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"Joe+Kathrina Are the absolute best couple! We instantly knew they were the right fit for us. Neither of us feel we are very photogenic, and they couldn’t have captured our natural happiness on our wedding weekend more perfectly. Everyone at the wedding loved them, they fit in seamlessly, and the father of the bride raved about them for months and months after the wedding. They are a breath of fresh air during a time when planning can be stressful. They reminded us to slow down and enjoy each other because they would capture the moments so beautifully."