we crave genuine relationships. we believe in honest conversation and find inspiration in the imperfect. we're weird, we're quirky, we're always up for an adventure.


We're outgoing homebodies, we take our Christmas cards seriously, we always choose to overdress, we love a good outdoor adventure and prefer taking the road less traveled - in life and on the road.


the ones behind the camera

We met in high school. Summer before senior year at ASB camp. He was Technology Commissioner and she was Communications Commissioner. He made fun of her for being too quiet, she was annoyed and soon a friendship started.

By the time we got married we had been together for twelve years. We planned our wedding in less than four months, had about forty of our friends and family there as we all stood out in the rain during our vows.

Often we're dreaming of living elsewhere. A cute little cottage in Portland. A cabin in the woods. A fixer upper in a little town. Florence Italy for a few months. We have faith that God will lead us to where we should be but for now we're adding to our list.

We bought a car on ebay without seeing it in person first. A 1989 Toyota Land Cruise FJ62, perfect for our road trips and our pup to cruise in. No regrets.

Our dog is our absolute favorite. Sometimes we worry once we have a kid if we'll like them just as much.

We’re weird, we’re quirky, we’re always up for an adventure.

the one with the man bun

1. Originally from Bay City, Texas I was a cowboy boot wearing, y'all saying little kid.
2. Cars are cool. Old cars, fast cars, fixed up cars. If I'm whipping my head around it's not to check out a girl (unless it's K) - it's because a cool car just passed me.
3. Philippines was my first out of the country trip. I've been there twice and counting now.
4. I like working with my hands. Whether it's tinkering with cars, fixing up our garage, working on model cars. Did I mention I like cars?
5. I have nice writing. Some people call it "girly", I call it good penmanship.
6. I am half Mexican but don't tell my pale skin that.
7. All throughout my youth I kept my hair short. It wasn't until college Kathrina mentioned I should try growing out my hair. Who knew the fro and eventually man bun were in my future.
8. I dream of having an underground garage. Tiny home with a big garage, that's the plan.
9. Hoppy, piney, strong bodied...I'm talking about beer, what were you thinking.
10. If I look familiar to you maybe it's because you've seen me on TV. Wipeout to be exact - I was dubbed Weather Finger. No I didn't win.

the one with the loud laugh

1. I was born in the Philippines and immigrated to the USA when I was 3. My parents left everything - family, their home, gave up so much to give us a better life. I am forever indebted to them.
2. I don't curse. Not because I'm a saint but for some reason the words just don't come out of my mouth. It sure makes for rapping along to rap music really difficult.
3. In college I studied Interior Design and worked in the field for a few years before picking up a camera. One day I would love to get back into that.
4. Just because I name them and talk to them daily does not make me a crazy plant lady.
5. Purple has been my favorite color for as long as I can remember. Except for that one time in the seventh grade when I said turquoise was - that was the first and last time I shunned purple.
6. Ultimate dream would be to own a little bookstore.
7. Chances are you'll never see my nails not painted.
8. One year for Lent I gave up eating meat. I have been a pescatarian for 8 years now and yes I still cook meat for Joe because I love him and because he won't give up meat also.
9. I have no sense of smell. Which comes in real handy when using a port-o-potty but if I stink please let me know.
10. Christmas is my ultimate favorite time of the year. I deck the halls like a mad elf and sing loud for all to hear.