about joe+kathrina
our photography style

Anybody can take a photo. We're here to create an experience. This is about you,

for you.

Feeling over posing

warm and moody

embracing your awkwardness and quirks

drama and cinematography

photos that feel and move, have a heartbeat

Creating with intention

before the sun comes out, right when the sun goes to sleep

that sliver of light in the shadwos

real laughs > fake laughs

moving, jumping, running, snuggling, laughing

Let's become friends, not just "The Photographers"

Our Approach

we once ended a session with photos in a public restroom for one because there was a red light that mesmerized us. another time we took a mini road trip with a couple to the middle of salt flats, not really sure where we were going, stopping when the blue skies started to move into twilight. it's all about feeling and being in the moment.

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Our parents' refrigerator

us as individuals




the one with the easy name


+ gets more hair compliments than his wife

+ has a degree in Psychology and thanks to the pandemic, is working on a teaching credential for special needs education

+ enjoys craft beer and making ceramics

+ cars. that's it, that's the fact

+ loves a good jigsaw puzzle by himself (you did read about his wife right?) and no, he doesn't start on the edges

+ don't let her boisterous laugh and high pitched squeals fool you, she's an introvert through and through

+ frequents libraries and chooses snail mail over text, so pretty much an old lady nostalgic for the analog

+ turns puzzling into a competition

+ aspires to turn the inside of her home into a jungle

+ laughs at all her own jokes




US As a Couple

couple in palais royal in paris
our dog Lloyd

We met senior year of high school

The summer before senior year we both joined ASB and first said hi to each other at camp. Sparks did not fly, folks. He poked fun of her for being too quiet (joke was on him!) and she instantly was not amused. But eventually a great friendship grew and after graduating we officially became a couple (following strict Asian parents' rules. if you know, you know). We started this business before we even got married ourselves. When the time finally came, we wed on a rainy Tuesday in December surrounded by trees, our family and closest friends, all huddled together. It was far from perfect, it was so much better than that.

Places We've Been to together

Where We're From

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Philippines. Italy. Paris. Thailand. Mexico. New York. Portland. Seattle. Texas. Utah. Colorado. Arizona. Chicago. Boston. Nevada. Virginia. New Mexico.

Joe was born in Bay City, Texas while Kathrina was born in Legazpi, Philippines. We have both called Southern California home for most of our lives. Though we often dream of living somewhere cold, we love the opportunity to drive to the mountains or the desert or to the beach on a whim.

Our dog Lloyd (sometimes we worry if our future kids will be as cool as him). Black coffee. Pizza. Dusk time. Christmas. Camping. Road trips. Windows down. Windows open. Gardening. Crafting. Building stuff. Schitt's Creek. Reading (her). Cars (him). Each other (both of us).

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