we met in high school, right before senior year on our way to ASB summer camp. he made fun of her for being really quiet and for the next 12 years he realized how wrong he was. we got married outside under the pouring rain and couldn’t have dreamed of anything more magical. we live in orange county california but often find ourselves dreaming of living elsewhere. we love getting dressed up just as much as we enjoy being outdoors camping. we drive around a 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 and are always up for a road trip. we made a pact not to get a dog during the first year of marriage; so after one year two months and twelve days we adopted a german / australian shepherd pup, named him Lloyd Christmas and will most likely be overheard talking about him.

together we started our photography business and couldn’t imagine working alongside anyone else. we learned together and taught ourselves photography. now we do a little dance while shooting together and share a secret language with one look. honestly nothing thrills us more than when we’re making photos. something ignites within us and we consider ourselves pretty lucky to be doing this.


hi, nice to meet you.


we crave genuine relationships.
we believe in honest conversation and find inspiration in the imperfect.

joe likes cars. like a lot. he inherited a 1976 toyota celica liftback and is working on restoring it back to life. he rocks long curly hair and wears a man bun most days. he is half mexican but don't tell his pale skin that. @merrilljoe
kathrina has no sense of smell, but loves the smell of books. she has been self-described as a Christmas freak and is highly competitive when it comes to board games. you can always find her thanks to her loud laugh. @kathrinadiane