we crave genuine relationships. we believe in honest conversation and find inspiration in the imperfect. we're weird, we're quirky, we're always up for an adventure.

laughing till our bellies hurt. running around losing our breath. being picked up and twirled around. snuggling with our pup. making coffee and breakfast together. these are the simple things we enjoy.

we started this business together

and we're in this together

before we were even husband and wife we each picked up a camera and started to learn how to use one. together we taught ourselves photography and learned how to photograph people. together we collaborate on every aspect of our business. adventuring new places, meeting new people, and working alongside each other every day. the lives we've been a part of and stories we've been able to share through our photos has been the most magical experience. nothing gets us more hyped than when we're creating. we are forever thankful.

Our dog is our absolute favorite. Sometimes we worry once we have a kid if we'll like them just as much.
This is Joe. The one with the man bun. Born in Texas, obsessed with cars, into fitted suits, was on an episode of Wipeout. I'm also half Mexican but my pale skin would fool you otherwise.
This is Kathrina. The one with the loud laugh. Born in the Philippines, lover of the color purple, with no sense of smell. I don't curse which makes rapping along to rap music really difficult.
We met in high school and were together for twelve years getting married. We planned our wedding in less than four months and it all happened up in the woods under the rain with thirty of our friends and family.
We bought a car on ebay without seeing it in person first. A 1989 Toyota Land Cruise FJ62, perfect for our road trips and our pup to cruise in. No regrets.
Often we're dreaming of living elsewhere. A cute little cottage in Portland. A cabin in the woods. A fixer upper in a little town. Florence Italy for a few months.

Our favorite feeling is at the end of a wedding day when we’re leaving and your best friend stops us and gives us a hug. When your mom calls us by name and says thanks. That’s when we know we’ve been able to connect on a deeper level and document these relationships that mean the most to you. To have gotten to know you better through the people that love you most. To have been part of the day as not only the photographers but as people who have witnessed something magical.

well hot diggity dog
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