genuine connection serves a big part in how we create. we vibe off you.
are you feeling us? are our photos giving you the goosies?

if you’re down for a little adventure, jumping around in the dirt, breaking tradition, sharing laughs and a pizza pie together, we will be friends in no time.


making sure we are the right fit is so important.


you have to be open to the process. allowing for the unplanned, letting moments happen organically, allowing us to see you and telling your story.

awkward, stiff, completely posed photos make us cringe. we are not about that. we like to break you down, figure you out, get to know you better and in turn get photos of you that are you.


we are in this together.


nothing rushed.

allow us to
soak it in
shoot some more
make some magic

all day long

that’s the way we like it. and that is why we include all day wedding coverage.
weddings start at $3400

planning an elopement? out of state? or heck, in a different country?
yes yes yes. we are there. tell us more.

we live in Orange County California but that doesn’t matter.
aka yes we travel.


email us directly at JK@JOEKATHRINA.COM and include the following info please:

+ your full name
+ your hunny’s full name
+ your email address
+ wedding/shoot date and location
+ describe you and your boo in a sentence or two
+ tell us more about your wedding. the more details the merrier
+ feel free to include photos of you two and/or
your instagram so we can put faces to your names!

we diligently answer each email personally and are so freaking excited to talk with you.