we are Joe+Kathrina

we live in orange county california but often find ourselves dreaming of living elsewhere. we met in high school and after 12 years we got married outside under the pouring rain and couldn't have dreamed of anything more magical. we love getting dressed up just as much as we enjoy being outdoors camping. we drive around a 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser F ...
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Point Dume Malibu Couple Session

They got stuck in traffic. They were running late. The light was going and everything was seemingly going against them. But they looked out into the water, allowed the ocean breeze to hit their faces, breathed each other in and let the good vibes in.

Laguna Beach Engagements

We started in their apartment because obviously Mr. Brick, their corgi, had to be included in a few photos. Afterwards we headed towards Laguna Beach adventuring on some trails and rocks. Where we encountered a rattle snake and learned how fast we could all run.

Apartment Session

Trips to Target for new Star Wars bedsheets, reading 50 page manuals to put together a wine rack, deciding where to put Kitty's bed. That's where life was at this moment for Andrew+Quyen. And gosh darnit we celebrated with photos. Oh and Mexican food because well ah-doy.

Palm Springs Anniversary

They told us they’d be celebrating their one year anniversary in Palm Springs. And they invited us along for the ride. An official annual tradition of taking photos, sweating, eating and going on an adventure with these two. Can't wait where we go next year.

are we your photographers?

we're not here to book every couple that comes our way. you deserve to work with people that fits your needs and we want to make sure we are the photographers for you — because honestly it makes all the difference. creating a solid foundation and relationship through this journey allows us all to sink into the moments, to breathe in the quiet and a ...
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