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“I cannot express how much my husband and I love Joe+Kathrina. From the first day we met with them we just clicked and knew we had to have them photograph our wedding. It was so important to us to have quality, natural looking photos from our wedding day to look back on and they provided just that. They made us so comfortable during both our engagement shoot and on the wedding day. It felt like we were just hanging out with our friends and having a good time! They are the sweetest couple and make everyone feel like family.”

"Joe and Kathrina are so genuine and authentic and they bring that out of you and your partner and make you feel so comfortable. They really captured us and there’s not one awkward photo. Our wedding coordinator said things like “your photographers are going to make you walk down the aisle again to get more photos” and I’m so glad that we didn’t hire those photographers. I look at our photos all the time and truly treasure them."

“There are not enough words to describe the amazing work of this passionate and beautiful couple. They have the ability to relate to their clients on another level, allowing all the awkward feelings you think you have in front of the camera to completely disappear. Joe and Kathrina captured everything. Every single thing you could imagine wanting in your wedding photos, as well as those special, secret moments you never knew were captured and are now framed, hanging around the house."

— Michael+Kelly

— David+Madison

— Dustin+Cristina

It's about who you love and allowing us into your story.

Photographing people and documenting this time in your life is the most personal gift we can share with others. We welcome anyone interested in working with us, it all begins with a hello. So let's start this conversation and become BFFs.