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Sunday Edition 05.24.20

A Day in the Life during Quarantine

This is what a typical day in quarantine has been looking like for us. We'll be honest, it's not exciting. But we are just thankful for another day in life. Take a peek of a day in the life including workouts, recipes and lots of puppy snuggles.

Personal 05.17.20

30 Things About Joe+Kathrina

We've never done an official list of little things about us on our blog. So we figured what the heck, we've got nothing else going on right now. Here are 30 things about us -- 30 because, well, we still have to keep some things mysterious about us right ;) Hope you enjoy and learn something new about us. 

Personal 04.17.20

One Day We’ll Have A Cabin In The Woods

One Day We'll Have A Cabin In The Woods...but for now we'll find cute A-Frame cabins on Airbnb, drive six hours to get there, and celebrate our five year wedding anniversary reminiscent of our wedding day - cold and rainy. 

Personal 03.18.20

A Slow Paris Morning

When we were looking at Airbnbs in Paris we really wanted one with the quintessential “Parisian window” (you know the one, big windows that open up to views of the city and you can sit and pose right in front of it. yeah that one) and some character. We didn’t find one with as much character as we wanted that was within our budget – hello intricate crown moldings and arched entryways – but this window made us happy.

Personal 12.22.19

The Christmas Card That Almost Wasn’t

Every year I get these grand visions for our Christmas card. Sometimes they pan out, sometimes they don't and sometimes we just have to make it work. Like this year. Honestly at one point I even said, Maybe we just won't send out Christmas cards this year.

Personal 11.20.19

An Outdoor Dinner for Friendsgiving

Our friends lovingly put together an outdoor Friendsgiving dinner. With twinkling lights, candles glowing next to pumpkins and willowy greens and sunflowers, all set on plaid table covers - it certainly looked like fall. This was the perfect setting to kick off the holidays.