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Sunday Edition 05.24.20

A Day in the Life during Quarantine

This is what a typical day in quarantine has been looking like for us. We'll be honest, it's not exciting. But we are just thankful for another day in life. Take a peek of a day in the life including workouts, recipes and lots of puppy snuggles.

Personal 05.17.20

30 Things About Joe+Kathrina

We've never done an official list of little things about us on our blog. So we figured what the heck, we've got nothing else going on right now. Here are 30 things about us -- 30 because, well, we still have to keep some things mysterious about us right ;) Hope you enjoy and learn something new about us. 

Sunday Edition 05.10.20

Sunday Edition: Mother’s Day

This will be the first Mother's Day I won't be spending with my mom because of the quarantine. Some days I wish I could go back to the simple days of watching her get ready for work with my dad peeping around the corner with his camera. I look forward to the day I have little ones to watch me get ready with Joe documenting our memories.

Sunday Edition 05.03.20

Sunday Edition: Summer Dreaming

Remember summer days as a kid - with no care in the world and the only thing to do for the day was to ride your bike. This quarantine just has me nostalgic thinking back on good times including our first international trip together.

Sunday Edition 04.26.20

Sunday Edition: Quarantine Distractions

Say hello to the first Sunday Edition! A series where I'll share things from the week, like recipes, book recommendations, anecdotes, whatever I dang well please. Less photos, more words. We hope you'll follow along and find yourself coming here every Sunday reading through these posts.

Personal 04.17.20

One Day We’ll Have A Cabin In The Woods

One Day We'll Have A Cabin In The Woods...but for now we'll find cute A-Frame cabins on Airbnb, drive six hours to get there, and celebrate our five year wedding anniversary reminiscent of our wedding day - cold and rainy.