One Day We’ll Have A Cabin In The Woods…

But for now we’ll find cute A-Frame cabins on Airbnb, drive six hours to get there, and celebrate our five year wedding anniversary reminiscent of our wedding day – cold and rainy.

Yes this blog post is four months past due but with present day circumstances we’ve been able to catch up on editing personal photos and we thought we’d share these cozy photos as we’re all staying home right now.


Felton is about six hours away from Orange County, which means taking 5 North pretty much the entire way. This was in the beginning of December when the Tejon Pass got crazy weather during Thanksgiving resulting in snow. SNOW. We’ve driven this route countless of times and have never experienced this. It was a beautiful sight.


snow at tejon pass


Felton Airbnb A-Frame Cabin

We had been searching for a cute cabin on Airbnb to stay in for our anniversary for awhile (it always takes us forever looking at Airbnbs!). We wanted it to be near where we got married in Ben Lomond and a cabin in the woods. Once we started looking more outside of the area, lo and behold this sweet A-frame cabin came up.


Felton Airbnb A-Frame Cabin


It had ev-er-y-thing we were looking for. Surrounded by trees, a cozy fireplace, a relaxing tub, the sweetest looking bed, a clean aesthetic and did we mention it was cute. Honestly it was perfect and even moreso once we were there. Naturally we brought our own Christmas lights to hang inside and our small fake Christmas tree to add more holiday cheer (this should come as no surprise to anyone that knows us).


inside the a-frame cabin


It pretty much rained three out of the four days that we were there which we was exactly what we were hoping for. We brought all our food to cook warm soup, comfort foods while drinking whiskey and beer and everything was good.



At one point when the rain cleared for a couple of hours we were even able to shoot our Christmas card which we blogged about HERE.



Chilly Walks In The Neighborhood Including Turkeys

The hosts mentioned that there were turkeys that walked freely in the neighborhood and one morning during an outing we came across them! We have never seen that many turkeys together before!



This neighborhood is so cute. We took walks around the area and just fell in love. Foggy roads, rain water dripping from pine needles, the quiet. And honestly is there anything more that says “cabin in the woods” than seeing smoke coming from a chimney? We think not.



Ben Lomond is less than 15 minutes away

Ideally we were looking for a cabin in Ben Lomond but were happy to find that this place was so conveniently close to Ben Lomond! When we first drove towards it we were surprised at how quick it was.


downtown ben lomond ben lomond in the winter foggy ben lomond


We usually visit Ben Lomond during the holidays which means visiting this nursery that sets up a sweet little Christmas tree lot. We never get one but it’s always fun to visit.


christmas tree lot in ben lomond christmas trees at ben lomond ben lomond library ben lomond sign


Where We Got Married

So why Ben Lomond? Because it’s where we got married!

It is always fun to go back and visit this little town. Maybe one day we’ll even buy a little place here, who knows, but for now we love that we can make special visits.



We always make a point to visit the area where we got married at. The trees always feel familiar and we love the memories it holds.



Standing in the very spot we got married at one rainy December Tuesday five years ago.



Foggy Last Morning

We were sad when the last day came upon us. Honestly, we’ve stayed at a lot of Airbnbs in different cities, states, countries — and this one was by far one, if not, our favorite places. It’s certainly one we hope we can stay at again. That is until we get our own (wink wink).