Avenue of The Giants // Cape Kiwanda

Cape Kiwanda

It’s about that time of year when we start dreaming of our next road trip – when the holidays are done and we’re looking at the calendar seeing our weekends fill and wondering where the year will take us.

In August last year (ugh we lag) we went on a road trip towards Portland. We’ve done this before but we weren’t able to spend as much time in Portland as we liked and we had new stops we wanted to be able to make. The drive is long but oh so worth it. Once you approach closer to Northern California and freeways turn into highways and dead grass start to turn into trees that thicken ahead, there’s a magic moment of serenity that comes over us. We love Oregon, we love Portland, we want more of this state in our lives.


We made quite a few stops during this trip, took a whole lot of photos and also put together a pretty cool video (if we can say so ourselves) that we can’t wait to share in another post. Please enjoy following along.

When (and you really should) make this drive from the 101 you’ll drive through Avenue of The Giants which is essentially trees on trees on trees. And it is beautiful. I don’t know what it is about trees but we sure enjoy being amongst them.

girl wearing Portland hatshadow of girl in tunnel with peace signAvenue of the GiantsAvenue of the GiantsAvenue of the GiantsAvenue of the GiantsAvenue of the GiantsAvenue of the GiantsAvenue of the GiantsAvenue of the GiantsAvenue of the Giantsview of girls legs walking on rocks

Welcome to Oregon. Welcome to Cape Kiwanda.

This was on top of our list to go to and it did not disappoint. Essentially we were there for this one rock that we wanted to stand on. We didn’t really know what else to expect but once you make it over the sandy hill, you are quite literally taken over by the view of the Oregon Coast, waves crashing, seagulls flying overhead, beauty all around. Oregon wins, hands down.

Cape KiwandaCape Kiwandaprofile of girls face

p.s. the hat holding really needed to happen – it wasn’t just for photo purposes, it was supes windy there.

girl standing on rockswater and rocksCape KiwandaCape KiwandaCape KiwandaCape KiwandaCape KiwandaCape KiwandaCape KiwandaCape KiwandaCape Kiwandaguy standing on rock

And we took some photos on our film camera. Here are a few of the scans – we’re pretty amateur with film so we were happy with how these turned out.

Cape Kiwandagirl standing with hatsun setting on Cape KiwandaCape KiwandaCape KiwandaCape Kiwanda // joekathrina.com