— hey, it's been awhile.

Behind The Scenes

behind the scenes photos of us at weddings and sessions. it ain't all cute.

It's been awhile. Last time we did one of these behind the scenes post was in 2020 for 2019, and boy have times changed since then.

Going into 2022...we had no idea what it was going to be like. Every time things seemed to be getting better, it got worse. Everything was so much was up in the air it was daunting.

But then something kismet happened for us.

The couples that we worked with perfectly aligned with us. With our ethos. With everything that we've ever hoped for and more. They pushed us out of our comfort zone and ultimately made us better.

It's never been about quantity for us and last year really showed us how important it was to work with people that not only trusted us, but saw things in us we ourselves didn't know we possessed. Their support, whether they fully realized they were giving it to us, was truly invaluable. They gave and while we took, we hopefully reciprocated with the gift of photos.

Personally it was an emotionally draining year; but for our business 2022 was definitely a year of growth artistically and we're hoping to continue that growth this year.

We're forever thankful for each and every single person who gets in front of our camera(s).

— oh hi, didn't see you there!
— first day of school vibes.
— yes we'll clear out seaweed for you.
— yes we'll do this too. full service.
— always ruining his detail photos.
— always ruining her portrait photos.
— my thinking face.
— apparently... (1/2)
— ....we make the same face (2/2)
— get yourself a bride that looks at you like Katie does.
— where's kathrina edition.
— "stop taking photos of me!"
— posing 101.
— posing 201.
— girl talk.
— aj made me do it.
— why... (1/2)
— are we always by a pool (2/2)
— letting those sweaty pits air out.
— you know what, i don't know.
— another edition of kathrina vs. joe testing photo (1/2)
— k - 0, j - always wins (that light tho)
— we're pretty lucky to work with some amazing people and are forever grateful.
— cheeeese.

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