Scott + Brittney —

A Nine Year Anniversary Engagement At Home Session

They had just taken a shot of alcohol and were blasting Backstreet Boys to pump themselves up. As soon as they opened their front door we knew we'd be fast friends.

Throughout their session we just wanted to pull up a chair and chat the afternoon away.

Which okay we may have made them late to their anniversary dinner reservation but —
he helps bees out of the pool with a leaf and brings them to safety, she laughs hard and tells herself to stop talking mid sentence.

If Scott + Brittney aren't our people we don't want to know who are. 

When we first talked about where to do their session, they debated between a few ideas but ultimately landed on doing it at their home. The same home her mom grew up in, where her step grandfather had added little architectural details himself. The place that has become a huge part of their story. And there were so many nostalgic stories behind so much in their home — from the Blues Brothers artwork, the giant moth above the fireplace, the old cameras on display, and the purple carpet. To top it all off they decided to do the session on their nine year anniversary, the last anniversary before their wedding.

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We did mention we made them late to their dinner reservation. Well that's because we were having way too much making photos with these two....

Part 2 from their session is right HERE.