Palm Springs One Year Anniversary


Palm Springs Anniversary Session

They told us they’d be celebrating their one year anniversary in Palm Springs. In our heart of hearts we wanted to tag along with them and take photos but, like, we couldn’t just invite ourselves. Thankfully they invited us before the conversation got real awkward.

We love these two. Each time we’re with them we find ourselves eating, going on an adventure and sweating. Really it’s a great tradition. The temperatures were scorching (because Palm Springs) and once we got to the windmills the winds were ready to take us down. We spent the whole afternoon with them hunting for bushes, running to the car for ac, listening to rap music and ending the night with Mexican food and a round of Russian card games.

Before we met these two they described their relationship as living out their eternal play date. Couldn’t find better words to describe the feeling we get with them. May every anniversary be this full of love and endless laughter.

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