Our Italy Trip Recap with Video

Everything that people told us about Italy was only partially true. Because to experience it for yourself is something completely different.

The espresso is strong and gritty. The arugula is spicy. The tomatoes warm, plump and so juicy fresh. The details in the architecture is mesmerizing. Restaurant tables set outside on the street are romantic and so picturesque. Everything is picturesque. The culture is slow paced and welcoming.

At the end of our trip we were sitting in front of a church, writing post cards, sipping beer, letting the breeze cool us off and as we looked around surrounded by other people sitting next to us doing the same, we were sad to realize how we would never do this at home.


Italy is pretty special. We are so thankful we were able to travel here for work and play.

Here’s a little video of our travels. Hope you enjoy.


If you pay attention to the arrow and dings in the video:

1. yes that’s Kathrina passed out on top of her suitcase // 2. we didn’t realize this lady was staring at us until we watched the video and can’t not laugh every time we see her // 3. sweet pups at the window // 4. we saw this graffiti multiple times there. remind you of someone? // 5. this guy. they were pouring hot cement in the middle of the road and he was just there, working, with his shirt off. he even gave us a little nod hello. // 6. Kathrina. (i don’t know, Joe added it) // side note: we went to Bologna for one night, for one purpose. to visit some car museums for Joe. they were all closed so someone will always be a little bitter about Bologna // 7. while watching our videos we saw this guy that at a quick glance looked like Joe! // 8. rain, lots of rain


Every time we look through our photos we are taken back to that exact moment and without fail it makes us crave to go back.

In case you missed any of our posts (which, we know, were quite a few!) here’s an abbreviated recap. Click on the images to take you to each individual post.


Rome, Italy. We started off on the wrong foot looking for our Airbnb at night but in the morning were welcomed with espresso, bread and such good times ahead.


Our first full day in Italy, adventuring off to the sleepy town of Calcata with David+Lynell for a session. We stopped at every nook, touching every wall, saying hello to every cat, eating the most delicious meal and sweating. Yeah it was really hot.


The reason why we were here. These two. A three day wedding celebration with the most amazing people.


After a week in Rome, working and touristing, we said goodbye to our couple and new friends and jetted off on our own to Sorrento, making sure to stop at Positano // Amalfi Coast. Oh this place is so picturesque. We were only here for a day and didn’t get to visit Capri but this is definitely on our list to vacation at again.


Back to Rome we went for an afternoon, meeting up with Travis+Lauren for a session. Walking around aimlessly, stopping for coffee, gelato, a man playing the violin and oh yeah, photos.


Florence. Where we fell in love (with Florence), dreaming of living there and started missing our pup even more. One of the days that we were there, we rented a car and drove through Tuscany searching for sunflowers and wine, natch.


Off to Venice we went. Making a visit to the Islands off Venice to Murano and Burano. So fun visiting…even if there was a downpour earlier in the day.


Our last stop: Venice. What a magical place this is. Love remembering when we bought pizza slices from the same vendor multiple times and walking around thinking, we’re going to miss doing this. We sure do.

Thanks for letting us share guys.