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Portrait 04.28.20

Stay Home Photo Inspiration

We started brainstorming ideas of what photos we could create at home. It's been fun, challenging, frustrating, annoying, fulfilling, pointless, narcissistic and everything in between. This one included butterflies.

Couples 10.07.19

Making Pancakes and Bacon and Wearing PJs for a Family Session

At Home Family Sessions Whenever we're taking photos we always try to put ourselves in the situation and think: What would we want photos of? What would we want to remember about this day, this mom...

Couples 10.03.19

Chris, Tayla, Greyson, and Hudsen

The Schoettgers // Welcome Greyson We walked in their home with hushed tones, mouthing squeals with toothy grins. On the sofa sat Tayla, a tired but content smile on her face. In her arms snuggled a ...

Couples 03.20.18

Downtown Long Beach Engagement Session

We started their session in their home, heading out into the city afterwards, their city that they love and fell in love in. We ended the afternoon on top of a hill overlooking the city watching the sun go down in a blink of an eye and the skies turn into cotton candy. 

Couples 10.10.17

Apartment Session | Los Angeles Engagement Session

Trips to Target for new Star Wars bedsheets, reading 50 page manuals to put together a wine rack, deciding where to put Kitty's bed. That's where life was at this moment for Andrew+Quyen. And gosh darnit we celebrated with photos. Oh and Mexican food because well ah-doy.

Couples 08.03.17


Chris+Sarah Rhoads of We Are The Rhoads. Their work, their photos, the trajectory of their career is one we have wholeheartedly admired for years. So when you meet and freaking photograph photographers that are your inspiration. Yeah.