casual at home family photo

A newborn, a cat, a rescue pup and all the houseplants too

Do you guys remember these two? Last time we saw them they were moving out of their loft in the downtown Los Angeles and about to plan a wedding.

Fast forward to this year. They’re in a whole new city, in the middle of renovating their backyard, training their newly rescued dog and learning how to be first time parents. Yeah, you could say a lot has happened since we last took photos with them.

But also, so much stayed the same. Like hugging cats in between and bursting out in laughter together.

Baby Emmett was born 6 weeks early so Michelle scheduled our session right near his original due date. They had nothing ready when he was born but that didn’t matter because all he needs is love and they definitely give him all that and more. Hearing Michelle’s honest take on motherhood was refreshing and seeing how natural Ryan is as a dad was so heartwarming. Seeing our couples grow from just them two to growing into a family might just be our favorite.

This photo is as real as it gets and we love everything about. It was one of the last photos we took. One attempt to get a photo of the whole family. And it’s perfect.

candid at home family photos