Welcome, Dylan

an at home family session in Long Beach


Three months after bringing home baby Dylan. Three months of being a family of four. Of being a mother to two boys. Of being outnumbered by three to one. Three months of feeding, of midnight wake up calls.

Three months of falling in love all over again.


We were so excited when Chrissy reached out to us again to take more photos of her family with the new baby (we shared her maternity session here). And this time they invited us into their beautiful home. Floor to ceiling windows, midcentury mod style, Palm Springs vibes, design in every corner. At one point we weren’t sure if we were taking family photos or a shoot for Sunset magazine. Either way, we were here for it. That and Dylan’s chunky cheeks we just wanted pinch and squeeeze.





Why We Love Family Sessions At Home

Our most important advice to couples is always to do things and make decisions that are comfortable for you. Whether it’s in relation to when we’re directing you during a session or when we’re talking about to wear or where we should do your session — what do you feel comfortable with? Do that.

So when it comes to choosing a location for a session, honestly what is more comfortable than doing a session in your own home. Especially for family photos, the kid(s) are always most comfortable in their own space, which in turns allows us to get the photos we’re after. Natural, relaxed, fun, REAL. Of course there’s always the worry that your home “isn’t nice enough” or clean, or perfectly designed, or blah blah blah, the list of excuses goes on. But if you us you’ll know: we’re not looking for perfect, perfect is boring. We will find that good light and we will find beauty in that corner of the room you ignore.


Our Style of Family Photos

Since we had done photos with Chrissy before, they knew our style and how we worked already. But with photos, showing is always better than talking. These are the kinds of family photos we like to create. We want to capture the essence of your family, of your life together. We encourage the interaction and playful ways, the beautiful mess that is life. We took a step back from even offering family photos for years because we found ourselves taking photos that didn’t inspire us, that didn’t excite us or make us happy. Slowly we’ve been stepping back into it and really honing in on what we want to create. This is more like it —



at home family session at home long beach family session




Portraits of Motherhood

Even though Chrissy has been a mother already for six years, being a mother to two is another chapter, another story.

We know how much they had been wanting another baby and that Dylan is such a miracle for them. Once Landon was tired of being in front of the camera we gave him a break and were so happy we were able to create these moments for her.

at home motherhood session




long beach motherhood session