Stories Behind the Scenes

Yep it’s that time of year. When we share our most flattering photos of each other and tell couples they should hire us to be their photographers. Usually we just write funny captions for the photos, because some seriously make us say “what the heck were we doing?!” This time we figured we’d also add a few stories behind them, because there is always a story behind a photo.

Gathering the photos for this post there were some weddings or sessions where we didn’t take any photos of each other doing weird things and then a couple where we took so many. Who knows why but the photos where we have a camera to our face and a big ol’ smile is always our favorite because it just shows how much we wholeheartedly enjoy doing this.

joe+kathrina behind the scenes Telling Madison how to hold her necklace, you can see from her face I was making a lot of sense. See all the sweet photos from this wedding >>HERE

That little squat tho. It was so windy while we were shooting at this location, we had to move really quick. Photos from this Palm Springs maternity session >>HERE

Just gabbing with the bride as she puts sunblock on her husband. Yes the bride wore green, see photos from this wedding >> HERE

Looking like a wizard and proud of it. One of the grandparents had this amazing walking stick. While we took family photos that he was in, Joe held on to it. He almost didn’t give it back.

The colors for this wedding included lavender. Naturally I had to match. And then strut down a path.

Just looking like your friendly sand dunes tour guides here. This couple came from North Carolina and this was the first time we were meeting face to face. We also convinced them to go in the middle of nowhere for their session – a place we would happily go again. See photos from their session >>HERE

Directing vs Posing

We always say that we don’t like “posed photos” or having you hold a stiff pose. 90% of the couples we photograph tell us how awkward they are in front of the camera and that they don’t know what to do – which is where we come in. Not posing you doesn’t mean we’ll leave you hanging wondering what to do. We like to direct. Which means we’ll talk you through things, lead you through actions and capture you more naturally.

In the middle of this session, we suddenly realized how much Courtney and Joe’s hair were so alike…like if you only saw the backs of their head you’d get confused. It was uncanny.

Trying to get that extra body shape and explaining by showing. So this is me saying pop your hip like this – minus the extra camera on my hip. Photos from this LA wedding >> HERE

This is Joe showing how to run across a street. Or how not to look while running?

And this is Joe showing how to stand. Told you we don’t leave you wondering what to do.

Oh just look at that directing hand! Angles angles angles. We use our hands a lot to show where to look and such. See photos from this session >> HERE

Sometimes we test out an area to see how it’ll look before actually having our couple come over – typically during a wedding we do this so that we’re ready and not wasting your time when we’re pulling you away for a few minutes.

So Joe usually likes to pretend there’s someone next to him. Just picture it.

Taking Photos of Details

It’s serious business.

Getting that overhead shot. Hanging onto bars and everything.

Oh you know, just squatting on the floor playing with flowers and paper. Yes sometimes guests see us take detail shots and no doubt think we’re weird. But in this photo here, the light was best right by the entrance, what are you gonna do.

Dress photos. Sometimes finding a place to hook the hanger isn’t always easy.

Sexy legs! Moving the dress outdoors is always preferred but we’re always extra careful not to get it dirty and or stuck anywhere. It’s one of the more nerve racking details we take. That and wedding rings.


Taking Photos of Your Wedding Party

We always say family photos during a wedding is one of the more stressful times – so many different personalities, family dynamics that we’re getting thrown in the middle of, so many reasons. But photos with the wedding party is probably the most nerve racking. Typically we’re hanging out with them all morning as they get ready, into the afternoon for their photos so we usually get them to warm up to us but it’s definitely still one of those “oh I hope they like me” moments

Out of the two of us Joe is definitely the charmer. He can charm your grandmother, uncle, bridesmaids, socks. Enter evidence A. I mean look at all those smiles, and I remember this moment it was definitely something Joe said as I stood in the background. See photos from this wedding >> HERE

Me on the other hand. Not so much the charmer. We were testing out how it would look having one of the guys sit on the table and apparently this was my best impression. It’s okay none of them were paying attention anyway.

photographers at work How to hold a fan 101.

Kesha was a bridemaid at one of our weddings. She said she liked my lipstick color and I will forever stan. But in all seriousness she is the sweetest and we were already big fans but after being around her for a day we became even bigger fans. This is the one photo one of us has with her. Framing it.


Make it Weird

We love weird. We always like to inject a few non traditional photos in what we create with our couples. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t.

Trying out that double exposure.  Our test shots turned out better than the final result but we won’t stop trying.

We don’t usually use flash for our portraits – but never say never. Here we were testing out if this little spot could work. We liked it but unfortunately never go to create a photo here.


Long Days

Wedding days are long. Typically 10-12 hours plus driving. And that doesn’t include the time to cull and edit these photos. Not complaining just giving you guys a peek at everything. Anyway, by the end of the night or even a shoot our brains are pretty fried and we get pretty kooky(er).

Crazy eyes. We both give them.

Classic big smile, wonky eye look at the end of the night.

Sugar cookies help though.

Before our couple arrived for our session. Probably thinking of food.

In the middle of the session while they did an outfit change. Definitely thinking of food.

So Hire Us

Have we convinced you yet? This is us. On the dance floor taking selfies, trying out the flash before asking our couple to take a selfie with us. Because we love our couples straight up. We’re lucky to have them and we are so thankful for each one.

Sometimes we think about throwing a party with all our couples past and present and just imagine how great it would be to bring everyone together like that. We consider them our little cheerleaders – J K (clap clap) J K (clap clap)…if you’ve watched the Cheer documentary on Netflix, let’s be best friends.

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