Imperial Sand Dunes Session

These two are from North Carolina and had never been to California. Yet somehow they planned their San Diego wedding all without ever seeing anything in person — but that’s an entirely different story for another post.

While planning their session and trying to figure out where they wanted to do it, they mentioned their vision of being in the middle of a desert. Wearing black set with a contrasting background of white. This also, ideally, needed to be somewhat near San Diego. As soon as they mentioned all this we knew exactly where to take them: the Imperial Sand Dunes in Brawley.

Ohhh let us tell you, we have been wanting to shoot here for years now, just waiting for the right couple to come along that would value the worth of the drive (because it is a drive). BUT! GUYS! It is one thousand percent worth it.


We had been talking with Kevin+Amanda through emails for almost a year now, FaceTimed once and this was the first time we were meeting face to face, days before their wedding day. The long email chains really set the foundation for our relationship and even though we were still learning so much about them (like Kevin being deathly afraid of snakes, and “oh is that a snake track in the sand?!” – for the record it was a beetle track, which we learned at the end of the session), there was so much trust built already and everything fell into place.

Being able to hang out together before your wedding day, whether it’s months before or days, makes all the difference come your big day. We’re able to go on an adventure together, not have to worry about schedules like on a wedding day and just have fun hanging out, getting comfortable with each other. However these two found us, we are so thankful they did.