Young Love in the City of Angels


We first met Jacqueline working on some projects where we were able to travel to New York and Boston and Washington D.C. together. It was during these trips that we were able to get to know Jacq more – her goofy nature, encouraging words, and let’s not forget her mid western hugs. She was single then, talking about guys she had crushes on, giggling and eye rolling at the same time wondering why she couldn’t find a nice guy.

Well you know where this is going.

A year later we snooped on Jacq’s social media life and what did our prying eyes find, that Jacq not only had a boy in her life but that she was in love. When we first met Brian in person we instantly wanted to head home, burn our clothes, do a whole new makeover on our look and then take lessons on how to be cool. Literally being around these two makes you question if you’ll ever know how it is to have an ounce of swag as them.

So we spent a couple of hours together, learning how they met, how their first date was almost a disaster, watching him help her fix her hair, having them debate about the shade of a color, and most importantly listening to stories on how they’re learning and growing together.

You know, Joe and I met in high school. We officially started dating after we graduated, went through the stress of college together, experienced all the ups and downs of adulthood — and although we have plenty of photos together during this time we never had photos of us that weren’t taken by our long right arm. I mean thinking about what our outfits would have looked like and seeing Joe pre-long hair / pre-facial hair would have been cringe worthy but honestly our favorite photos of us together are during small moments from our relationship.

We wish couples did this more. To take the time to appreciate where their relationship is at that moment. To soak it in. So that years from now they have these memories to look back on.

We always say this and we’ll never stop saying it, we wish people would take the time to get photos taken of them during all points of their lives – whether or not it’s a big occasion like getting engaged or having a baby but JUST BECAUSE this is how you are at this very moment.

And for Brian+Jacq, this is their life right at this moment. Living in Los Angeles, trying to get to a UPS to return a school text book, hustling to make their dreams come true, and loving each other.