New York in November.

As soon as we found out we’d be traveling to New York in November for work, I looked up any Christmas events going on during that time. To my utter delight, I found that it just so happened to be the weekend that the Christmas Spectacular with the Radio City Rockettes was starting. It was such an amazing show. I was like a kid hopped up on sugar, waking up Christmas morning to open presents. And then after the show we walked to the Rockefeller Center where the Christmas tree had just arrived and they were (slowly) setting it all up. Stores were getting trees delivered to be trimmed and outside the Plaza Hotel the trees in the fountain were getting strung with lights. Joe had to stop me from asking the workers if I could help them. It was all so magical.

It’s official: I want to live in New York during Christmastime. Joe and Lloyd are obviously invited.

The first day we were in New York it was in the 50s and, surprisingly, relatively warm. The next day, the weather told our California bones to shut it and showed us up real good. It felt right, bundling up in 12 layers and losing feeling in our faces as we walked. There’s something about this city that you just can help but to dream. And the dream now is to live there during Christmastime.

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