Be of Good Cheer.

We’ve been doing our own Christmas cards for seven years now. Looking back on them, there’s one we laugh at Joe’s outfit, a few we question our font choices, but each one holds a story and we love reminiscing on them. It’s not always fun and games behind the scenes (like when we’re losing light or when we have to do it all over again another day because there wasn’t one shot we liked) but in the end it’s become one of our holiday traditions.

There’s this post office commercial that has been playing on Spotify talking about being “Christmas card friends”, which makes me laugh because we love sending out cards to people, whether we’re Christmas-card-friend-status or not. I mean, if we have your current address obviously we know you at a certain level and we’ll most definitely send you one. It’s our little way of spreading Christmas cheer and we’re sure Buddy would approve.

Back in May we finally found our 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62. It took months of researching and it felt like as soon as we got it, we decided to bring it to the shop to get a little engine upgrade. It took longer than expected but all worth the wait and it was ready just in time for our card. This one was actually our quickest shoot — even though our first location didn’t work out, because there is always at least one thing that goes wrong during these. Here are a few behind the scene photos setting it all up, the gif shows you only a handful out of the way too many photos we actually take to just get one and the video is just a fun little addition. Song chosen by Joe, one of his non traditional favorites.

Hope you’ve been enjoying the holiday season, it is hands down our absolute favorite time of the year.

Our Christmas Card // Be of Good Cheer