Anza-Borrego Super Bloom

The last super bloom in 2017 we headed out to Anza-Borrego with this cute couple and tried to find the flowers. Spoiler: we didn’t see any. Afterwards we realized we were probably late and all the blooms had passed its prime but still we got to explore Anza-Borrego for the first time and take some pretty cool photos.

This year with news of even a bigger super bloom we were determined to see them. And see them we did.

how to enjoy the anza borrego super bloom

Here’s a little video we made while we were out there.

The super bloom doesn’t happen every year. Thank goodness for all the rain this year the blooms came out raging. Since we failed our first attempt two years ago here are a few of our own personal tips so you can enjoy them too.

Five Tips to Enjoy the Anza-Borrego Super Bloom

1. When should we go? Where are the flowers blooming?

The Anza-Borrego state park website gives weekly updates on the blooms. But we found Borrego Blooms Org to be the most helpful with more regular, detailed updates on what flowers were blooming and which were passing its prime. It also gave detailed wildflower maps showing exactly where the blooms are and what flowers are showing. This was the one site we used to follow the blooms.

2. Is there hiking required?

Some areas require a hike but a lot of the spots are literally off the side of the road. Of course there is light hiking (if you want to call it that) in each area but essentially you park on the side of the road and just walk right up to the blooms. As you can see in our photos we aren’t wearing hiking attire but tennis shoes are recommended.

3. What flower is that? is a great source to figure out what flower you’re looking at and taking photos of. It categorizes it by color which is super helpful and then you can match the bloom. You can also download their app!

anza-borrego yellow wildflowers
4. Weather is unpredictable. 

We went on a day when there was blazing sun shining down us one moment, to overcast skies and strong winds the next, to looming stormy clouds in the background and rain. One minute I was wearing a sweater with goosebumps, the next it was warm. The winds were probably the worst to handle as you can see in some of our photos and video. So we say just come prepared for all the elements!

5. Pack a lunch, snacks and water.  Bring your dog! 

Yeah there are restaurants and places to eat around the area but with all the beautiful scenery it’s perfect to pack a lunch and eat with flowers surrounding you (you know if you’re into that thing). And if you have a furry friend, bring them along! We saw quite a few people walking around with their pup. Lloyd came with us and he certainly enjoyed smelling the flowers.

BONUS: Put down the camera. 

The first area of flowers we drove up to was a sight to see. There are no words to describe and honestly photos don’t do it justice. Every once in awhile remember to put down your phone, your camera and take it all in with your eyes. Even the drive up was spectacular. On the way home through the canyons it started to rain and we quietly took in the day’s adventures. The road took a turn and suddenly we had a view of the most gorgeous rainbow over the desert. Naturally we stopped at the side of the road to take a photo but also sat and marveled at the beauty of mother nature.

This world is magical. Let’s all treat it with love and respect.