Amboy Crater | Amboy Salt Flats | Anniversary Session

Being able to stay in touch well after the wedding. And then hanging out again IRL a year later to celebrate their anniversary. Still with a feeling of comfort and friendship solidified. We don’t take any of our couples for granted because we go through things together that only the four of us will experience together and when it’s good, it’s good.

Michael+Kelly. Still remember their initial email asking us to be their wedding photographers. Tacos and photos were their priorities and instantly we knew we’d be fast friends. We shot their engagement session right after there was a snow storm, froze together up on that mountain and we were never the same again. When we suggested driving together for over 3 hours for their anniversary photos, to go to a place we had never been and weren’t even sure if it was worth the drive, they said yes. We packed snacks, talked the entire drive there, didn’t make it all the way to the crater because the hike was longer than we thought, found the salt flats, called it a wrap when the sun went down and then drove past the salt ponds we were initially looking for, had a quiet drive back in the dark because starving, found a taco place that locked their doors when we pulled up, found another Mexican restaurant that had karaoke, discussed doing karaoke but didn’t do karaoke (much to Kelly’s disappointment and Michael’s gratitude) and after an entire day spent together, gave each other hugs and said let’s do this again.

We love these two.

And after a year of marriage, their love couldn’t be more palpable.